Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Message

Scroll down for a link to a recipe for the cinnamon rolls Riley's eating in this picture!
As I mentioned September is preparedness month… good to read makes you think car kit blankets this site is great she also has her info on it will be under provident living info Joanna E. Banks, I think everyone should have a copy of those notes.

Windowpane test do you know what this is? If you make bread you want to know… very helpful to know. this washer bucket is easy to make and keep for if you have a washer break down. this is a great way to save your food. I just opened 2010 marked Hershey's chocolate bars that I vacuum sealed, yep just as fresh as when I got them.

I thought I would put in some of my favorite food storage sites of course I really like the info mention above by Joanna E. Banks then…. I love this site. noodle around her site. search her site too.

It is time to see what you need to do to start your storage and if you have storage check it for weak spots see where you need to improve it.

Remember to rotate! How do you do that? You check, lets say, your peanut butter and you see you need to pick up four you can date them and put them to the back and use the in front ones… this is very necessary.

Try to look at your storage as one large pantry instead of if something goes bad and then you use, you will have compound trouble if you do that…

Again if you were to lose your job this Friday, would you benefit from the storage you have built?

If you have stored wheat did you store a grinder? With that do you know what to do…? Will you go to the internet to find a recipe that may or may not taste good? It is not as hard as you think to start learning before you need to know it.

I can tell you that when we have had hard times I am usually very stressed and cannot think well what to do but since I know how to use the wheat and already use it. It is not like suddenly I can’t spend our remaining dollars on store bought bread how can I now introduce something new that maybe is so different that no one will eat it… or… I could make bread and cinnamon rolls and every hardship now seems we can make it through... and if I have things we eat normally there will be no disruption on that end and those last few dollars can be used elsewhere … i make sense? Yes it is because I have been there and know that I can if I have to go a long while without going to the store.

You do not know when it is this might be you so prepare.

If we would have had to eat the first loaf of bread I made it would have gone bad to worse it was hard as a brick. We buried it... so learn from me, store food and items you use and need build those skills. 

I know it is wonderful when you have a job and all your needs and wants are filled but that could end suddenly without warning I think if you talk to anyone this has happened to they learned well what hurt the most and are better prepared.

Keep working on all your things use the info you got in this message and others so you can weather what comes your way.

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