Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Message

I love looking through old cookbooks for the best recipes!

“Regardless of where we live or our financial situation, the path to preparation will open before us as we comply with the counsel of the prophets and go forward as means and circumstances permit.” (Gordon K. Bischoff, The Ensign, Sept. 1997, p. 67)

As I am resting as I over did yesterday I am reminded oh how painfully that we all have limitations. Learning to live within our limitations is a lot like living with a budget.

I need to do better at pacing myself and learn to better live within my limitations which is fibromyalgia. Not everyone has this limitation but there is some kind of limitation.

Learning this is sometimes painful, like for me today I forget that the pain the next day is going to be way worse. The problem is I keep forgetting.

I have the same mind set I had before I got this fifteen or so years ago when I could go go go.

Isn’t that what it is like on a budget? If your income has been cut it is hard to switch your thinking or perhaps forgetting all together. No, we must push on, pull on the resources we have. Now is the time to dust off those skills and put them to use and even enhance them and add to your skills. Look at this as a challenge.

For me I need to learn to break down tasks, find easier ways of doing things and when my body says stop then I need to stop and give myself permission to stop, which is the biggie for me. - this is a very good read on things she does with storage.

As I am working on this I have on music and the spoken word and on there he relayed the story of the grasshopper and the ant. The grasshopper was relaxing and playing his music and asked the ant to join him but the ant could not as he was putting in food for the winter. The grasshopper told the ant winter is so far off but the ant was diligent and had food for winter, the grass hopper had none…which camp do you fall into??

He said the only thing certain about the future is it is uncertain.

Wouldn’t you want to be prepared for as much as possible???

Try to be like the ant, continuing to gather. Do what you can, even little amounts build up big in time.

Whether you have little or no money or have much or in between, we should take joy in our lives. Don’t pine away because of what you don’t have and don’t feel bad for what you do have, make the most of everything. - this has some helpful info on it. - some helpful hints here for Christmas gifting this is good reading and scroll down to see their shelves for inspiration I know some of you dried apples and these recipes look yummie. it is always great to find out how to make our own for less

I make a substitute dryer sheet by taking a spray bottle, mine is small, put in three tbsp of a nice smelling hair conditioner. Fill rest with water and shake. Then when I have a load going in the dryer I take a wash cloth and spray it with the spray and toss it in with the load to dry. I love this method, just another option. - fun for the kiddos - something fun to try to enhance your bread making skills - get out your bread machine and play with these recipes - I love this gal - here are several ideas to get your juices flowing - sort through ideas on this one, pick what would work for you. I love the children’s artwork one.

Keep working on your storage. Keep building your skills. Learn ways to use your storage. I love looking through old cookbooks for the best recipes.

Keep those ideas coming! I love hearing about what you're doing. Remember, the goal is to be actively working on your storage by the end of the year then look and see how you did.

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