Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Message

Storm damage.

"The Lord has warned and forewarned us against a day of great tribulation and given us counsel, through His Servants, on how we can be prepared for these difficult times. Have we heeded His counsel?" (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1980)

Still sick here. It has been a really hard thing for sure but I am learning to move at a slower pace. I have been reading in the sun wondering when I am well why I don’t do this? It is making me take time to think about slowing down…taking time.

I hope you are still working on building your storage and building your skills. Having storage has really blessed us.

Are you getting ready to put in your garden??

After May 15 is our planting time. - this has great info. - we will hopefully never have them as bad as others but I thought it would be good to know.  

A few years back a fellow from California was at a business fair type thing in Utah. They had tents and canopy type things set up. When someone came running in and said to take cover for a tornado this man went into emergency mode and ran out in the street. Some people he said he was sure was from the Midwest told him no and to come with them to take cover. So for your own good read up on this and on tornadoes. We have had our share of emergency events in Iowa to know we need to be prepared.  This is our season coming up … need to be prepared, your kids need to be prepared because they could be home alone while you are trying to get home. If you are in a store when sirens go off they keep you there, so be prepared. 

I can tell you to watch the changes in weather. You feel the change - sky goes green, this usually precedes hail, then tornadoes. Be weather aware. I grew up in Iowa and you can feel the weather change. We have a weather radio on both floors, you need to keep it on. We always have ours on and they have helped us. The tornado does make a train noise, it is a surreal thing to hear. Don’t think, "oh, the siren is going off, it will be okay." You all should go to the basement. Look at it as a chance to practice. Don’t be complacent. There is a reason we have sirens… to give you a bit of warning.

Straight line winds are just as damaging if not more as they cover larger areas, the sirens go off for those as well.

Check your weather everyday don’t get caught off guard.

I finally saw a rotating cloud a few years back in Ankeny. We were discussing watching the clouds and one formed right over us. It looks like a dark toilet swirl. Then there are the ones you see that look like V clouds lowering and rising. I have seen them form on a regular live newscast, so do your homework. I want you to know that making food from scratch is a really good way to save your budget. - good ideas - ideas to help I like this idea... okay, I just love cinnamon rolls :) - it is $ saved when you make your own.

Have you tried shopping at Aldi’s? I find that you leave with a full cart for less.

Stretch those dollars. Fastco is Fareway’s generic brand and I prefer that so check, you may find no taste difference for some savings.

Keep working on your skills and budget and storage, every little bit adds up.

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