Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Message

"The counsel to have a year’s supply of basic food, clothing, and commodities was given fifty years ago and has been repeated many times since. Every father and mother are the family’s storekeepers. They should store whatever their own family would like to have in the case of an emergency … [and] God will sustain us through our trials." (James E. Faust)

This week finds me doing my deep cleaning. I usually get the urge to do a clean through this time of year.

I look forward to the slower winter days.

I have my winter kit in the car and we have our winter preparations tended. How are you coming on yours? - this is something we overlook.

I keep recipes on a ring. One set is breakfast recipes and the other is one-pot recipes. These are ones we like so it is easy to grab and make. I keep them in a basket near the stove. - I love their idea. We use all areas in food storage like she was saying about the cheese. Don’t have your eggs in one basket. If you lose electrical you still have nonperishable.

How are you coming on your food storage notebooks? This really is an important tool to have.

I have mentioned this before but a reminder goes with using all we have available to us for storage. I get yeast in big bags. Those bags I freeze. I put one bag in my “using jar.” This jar I keep in the refrigerator. This will extend the life of the yeast.

That way you will continue to make great bread items.

Storage items can also serve to decorate like in this picture it shows wash boards and clothespins. So think about it as storage that is pretty. I store emergency candles in a basket, it is pretty and very handy.

This time of year means making gifts. Consider sewing as skill building and making gifts.

I made chicken pincushions one year as gifts. Sometimes it is making useful gifts that is rewarding.

Keep working on your storage and even consider giving storage as gifts like I said last week.

Remember to put your feet up with a hot cocoa. Always keep a mix made up.

Gus and Missy say to remember to rest often during the stressful times of Holidays!

Do the best you can.


  1. Is that your sewing machine? I love it! I agree with taking the time to rest during the holidays. I like the way you store your recipe cards... so handy!

    1. yes that is one of my working machines a friends mom was upgrading and they gave it to me it has the best ever tension

  2. I think I have been really good at following the lead of your cats and resting. ;)

    1. they say we need to take it from cats and rest more often you are doing well


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