Saturday, August 11, 2018

Monday Message

"Today, I emphasize a most basic principle: home production and storage. Have you ever paused to realize what would happen to your community or nation if transportation were paralyzed or if we had a war or depression? How would you and your neighbors obtain food? How long would the corner grocery store—or supermarket—sustain the needs of the community?” (President Ezra Taft Benson)

I saw this article the other day…

It made me think if everything goes up much higher it will really be tight.

I know with dollar stores and such you can get cheap wash cloths but really they do not last long. So before you get rid of that old towel cut it up for rags or...better yet cut into wash cloth sizes and use your sewing skills. Serge around edges and you will have cloths that out live the cheap cloths and did not cost but a little thread and fifteen minutes. Yes, I timed it :p

It might be a good time to make:

Reusable paper towels…

Cloth hankies…

Cloth napkins…

Cloth pads…

While I don’t want to have to do this ever in my life time it might useful info at some point:

Cloth toilet paper… - Renaissance Homemaker - I love this gal, she is really down to earth.

This is what I won from one of her giveaways ( she made the apron. What a wonderful job! Plus she included a signed copy of her book. this is her channel on YouTube - a big thank you to Bethany!

I was thinking about the above article before falling asleep that night, about what things I use that might go up with tariffs and bread bags popped into my head. I reuse my bags till they wear out and eventually they do wear out. Well, I was thinking I guess I have a big bowl with a lid then I fell asleep and dreamed of a plastic bread keeper. The next day when I was at the reuse it place I saw this plastic bread keeper just like in my dream. It was free so I grabbed it hmmmm. So if the prices on bread bags go higher than our very small budget can work in, I can use this.

When you run across things that could be useful try and pick them up. I look at things, turning them over in my head thinking worth it for it’s usefulness or just more junk, how can I use it?? What can it do to help me?? It has to pay for its storage.

Again the talk…want vs need….that's one of those questions here too.

You may never have to have a budget as tight as ours but you cannot know for sure and better safe than sorry I say.

How do I teach myself? Well it is a lot easier than it used to be. You can check out books from the library or see what free YouTube videos on the topic there is, This really has helped me with the tatting. I like getting books on the topic and lots can be found at yard sales and thrift stores. I have even gotten them free on There may be other places out there but this is the one I know about so I have a very big kindle library…. That being said, I am big on hard copies as well. My favorite book store is half price books. I have found many good books in their sale area for a dollar. We only go on very special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

So I read all I can on the topic and then try my hand at it.

I can watch YouTube and back up and watch again until I learn it.  Also, I have been gifted and occasionally have bought classes.  When there are five dollar sales, I have, if I can, gotten a class. One I got on weaving has been very helpful as the teacher was excellent and had wonderful shortcuts. It was They run those sales often and not just weaving. They also have books on those sales.  

I also have been gifted for birthdays or Mother’s Day Craftsy classes. While these are more expensive they do have sales but not as cheap as the five dollar ones, however, they do have a few free ones so check those out too.  

Our library in Ames has a room for selling books for just a few dollars and I have gotten tatting and weaving books for just a couple dollars, same with getting books that are used online…always check used first!

I already have most supplies needed as they all seem related and as I have gone yard selling over these many years.

Do not rule out thrift stores. It takes a bit of time but if you are patient do some digging, you may find things to build up your supplies. I have recently found patterns that were fifteen cents each! I have also seen fabric, sewing notions, books, knitting supplies, so use your frugal skills and keep an eye out.

This is an example of how far at yard sales your money goes...

The little red chair was a dime. I asked several times to be sure and yes, it was a dime. It had a ten cent sticker on it. Well it came to live here and the doll with her doll was a dime at another yard sale. I made the little quilt from scraps so that was free… so for twenty cents and some fabric scraps I have a cute thing to decorate my home.

These threads I got years ago for ten cents a piece and I keep them in this tin I got for 25 cents.

I just wanted you to see that you can, with a little bit of work, build up supplies. If you go back through the blog posts you will see just about everything I have gotten used for very little.

So put to use your frugal skills and see what you can learn and do.  Keep working on your storage and skills too.


  1. I get most of my crafting supplies at second hand stores.Sewing supplies are easy to find also.

    1. You found this early read again to see the apron I won. Yes if one keeps things in mind when they go they can be found easily for a lot less.

  2. Your apron is very pretty. I checked out Renaissance Woman's blog... looks like another good one. My wash cloths of many many years are on their last leg; I need to think about making myself some soon. I have newer ones that are pretty for guests, but I love my old rags for myself. :-)) The bread keeper dream and then finding one, was really something! We really do need to be thinking ahead... the future is so very uncertain these days.

    1. I really like her videos and blog sweet lady and did a terrific job on the apron her book is great too she has another that is about menus. It was really weird having that dream then finding it a blessing for sure yes we will have to work hard it is most uncertain. But don't go in debt no one wins doing that for sure.

  3. Excellent advice! I get most of my craft materials secondhand these days as well, unless I'm looking for something specific (which isn't often). There are a lot of people out there who collect fabric and yarn and embroidery floss and then never complete or never even start the project, and then they sell it at their next yard sale. It's great to be able to take advantage of that! :)

    1. that sure is how I accumulated my supplies mostly yard sales and it is something I can not really budget in at this time of our lives but having done the gathering of them all these yrs of yard sales has blessed us now.

  4. What a great find on the bread keeper. We are trying to not think disposable bags as a first resort even though we wash them. I used to use them for many things that I now use containers for. As I was reaching for a ziploc to marinate chicken in today I thought 'wait' and got out a plastic container and lid which will do as well and not leak. I saw a blog post yesterday that you can use a ziploc on each hand to keep your hands clean when handling raw meat and all I could think was the waste of two good bags used for a brief time and thrown out when soap and water will clean your hands so easily.

    1. I know that would be so not frugal yes we have to find ways to do things differently thank you

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