Monday, December 9, 2019

Monday Message - I thought this talk would be good this time.

I think reading it will change a lot of how you might feel on preparing for your families.

The last statement is very chilling. It makes me feel like building storage and skills like crazy.

When visiting with my nieces lately one mentioned where she works younger women are trying to get jobs and they just do not know how to use a sewing machine. It made me think we have not done this generation any favors by taking sewing out of the schools. Then I saw a news footage that talked about kids aren't physically fit they are not getting enough exercise, again we took this out of the schools...did we just condemn them to shorter life spans?

Do you know how to use a sewing machine? If you know how then teach your kids and others. If you do not know find someone who does. Most would be happy to teach you. If none of that can be found then look for free online sewing classes...

Lesson two was on zigzag. If you ask her she probably could send you the right link.

The trick is to learn.

Look for used sewing machines but have them show how it works. If you can get a new one, get a machine that is very basic but get one of these two options.

You may even ask relatives if any have a sewing machine you could learn on as an option.

Next, read that manual. If no manual came with the machine type in your computer search for your make and model as most manuals are online.

This goes for items you might have bought used with no manual. Let's say a dehydrator for example... it is very nice to find that manual online and print it if you need to.

Now there are other free sewing classes online, I just grabbed these for you.

I got this knitting machine lots of years ago at a yard sale. The lady who owned it used it to make a few hats and moved on to another interest. It came with books and attachments but I was taken with a series of books that she threw in. You can see one in the picture. The lady who wrote the books was doing a great service to many people. She knew many would not have access to teachers and wrote these to be a course for them to learn at home.

I bring this up because we can learn so many skills. Yes, we have the internet but we also have libraries and dare I say it...books.

The more skills you have the better you will have it when things are hard. You can trade services. I get several who need a bit of sewing done and pay some for the service.  

My grandmother sewed and crocheted items that she then sold at craft fairs as income. She had very good skills. These skills helped her make clothes out of used, worn out clothes for her kids. She worked very hard. Her husband died while she was younger leaving her with six kids so she had to work very hard.

Working hard and not being afraid of hard work is a skill too.

I've been making these fun coasters. Check out the pattern here -

Learning to crochet or knit to make warm things to wear is a great skill to have!

I made myself a cowl. This will be my scarf this year. The blue green matches my coat but it will keep me very warm. Knowing how to do these skills is very helpful.

One other thing we have talked a lot about is cooking from scratch. Try cooking as much as you can from scratch. Take a note of how much you saved and use what you saved to stock up.


  1. Thank you for sharing this article. It gave me a lot to think about.

  2. You are amazing !!! love it all. Thanks for helping all of us.


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