Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a little spring cleaning...

I spent part of the day organizing my Bond Knitting Machine area. 
Usually I have them covered with embroidered dresser scarves to keep the dust out of them. 
My most used keyplates are in the blue basket and my tools are up in the red wooden box. The white cigar tins are holding my larger sized crochet hooks and are labelled on top.
When I'm working on a pattern it goes against a salvaged piece of metal that has quite a few magnetic strips across it to hold the pattern up and to keep my place. I made the magnetic strips by gluing on grosgrain ribbon to the strip, works great and looks cute. 
The original bond is the cream colored one that I got as a gift from my husband when my children were little. I since then bought the blue one at Goodwill for six dollars. I combined them to make it larger. They both work fantastically. 
The white muslin that is hanging underneath the machines helps me to better see my project when I'm manipulating stitches. The basket to the right is filled with old Bond magazines and patterns and in front of that are my claw weights. 

1 comment:

  1. You did great job dear Becky. I also love your sewing room. Very good and skillful lady.


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