Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Message

A collection of things I use when making cakes from scratch and vintage cake and pie carriers to haul cakes and pies around to social activities. 
I think working at living within our means is a goal worth working on. This a great how to & well worth the read!  signing up on her site gets you a free 22 page download and two pages to help with budgeting, great recipes in the download too - it is great tool. unwrap your soap when you get it home, just make it a habit. You can put them in a basket, just have them unwrapped. The longer it goes the longer your soap lasts. I learned this years ago in Relief Society.

Start a binder as you find recipes or free downloads to try. Have it divided up with tips like the soap and start collecting frugal tips. Have budget as a section, have recipes in a section. You can do this. It will be something you go to all the time. A hard copy is the best. Plan your meals in one section. Add articles on how others succeeded in a section so you can reread them to keep you inspired.

Here are some great sites to help…. good to see what others do this is my site if you have not gone around I suggest you do noodle around

I tried to be diverse in the selection to help :)  I thought this would be helpful to some. this everyday food storage is a favorite of mine. This roll recipe would be good to try using your food storage.

Instead of spending money on paper towels, cut up an old towel you can sew around the outside to keep from unraveling. Store in a drawer or basket in your kitchen, use and toss in the wash.

I know that you are thinking what good amount could be saved but it all accumulates. 

If you do not knit or crochet but sew this would be a helpful winter item

Keep working on your storage. Prepare for winter by stocking up to make it through some bad weather. Make sure you have stuff on hand to make chocolate chip cookies on those snow days. Try to live within your means.

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