Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Message

Scroll down for a link on how to make your own homemade noodles! - it is important!

Are we an ant or a grasshopper?? 

I have been thinking this week about making your own mixes. I always think of them this time of year as the weather starts cooling down finally. I start to think about getting ready for winter. I start feeling like a squirrel, they work very hard burying the walnuts. Are they setting the example for us?? I think it is a feeling of all is safely gathered in. When a winter storm was on the way as long as everyone was home and safe it mattered not how many inches came.

I saw this and thought that we all would benefit by having this recipe, I also think now that we have it why buy it again?

Make your own pudding mixes to have as an after school snack or on snow days which were always family party days

This is handy for making fast your pie crust - make a rice mix - if you wish to try a dough enhancer this is a good place to start.

With the ever sky rocketing price of cereal...

I used to love having these on hand - - very versatile mix - this would save time to have on hand, an easy dessert!

This is a wonderful one with 44 variations of muffins from one mix

Tip: I like to have my dry ingredients measured the night before on muffins or coffee cakes or pancakes or waffles, it makes a morning meal not so hectic. This link takes you to the best collection I have seen of provident living info. Warning! - if you intend to print it is like a ream of paper but the info is so valuable. Joanna E. Banks was the stake provident living specialist at the time she has another calling now but this info is good to have.  I love these croutons - make your own noodles

Dry your herbs...

Frugal idea - - this has a good list and some inspiring info

How are you coming on you food storage challenge (which is it be actively working on your storage)? Do as much as you can by year's end. We have had plenty of ideas on how even with low budgets one can work on this goal. I love hearing what you have done. Try to do more prudent things. Live on less then you make and be actively gathering storage. President Hinckley said do the best you can. Would you be willing to eat in more and the money saved use on storage? Just a thought.

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