Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Message

"The best place to have some food set aside is within our homes...
"We can begin ever so modestly. We can begin with a one week's food supply and gradually build it to a month, and then to three months. . . . I fear that so many feel that a long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all.
"Begin in a small way, . . . and gradually build toward a reasonable objective." (Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, Oct 2002 and quoted again in April 2007)

It really does seem overwhelming, just do what you can. Try to use and replace. This week I need to bring up a bucket of flour so I put on my grocery list to pick up another #25 lb bag of flour to replace it. Believe me the temptation is there to just wait but you need to fight it or when you go to get your flour you will be out.

Last week I picked up a Snickers candy bar, it is my favorite I guess I haven’t had one for a while but it was half the size height-wise and thinner and shorter -- for twice the amount. I heard people say that groceries were going down in price well so far I haven’t seen this happen, I have seen a few things go up but not down.

So tightening your belts is still in order I say.

I think high on your list is toilet paper so you never have to do this I hope...

Here is some helpful info on kids survival kit

I have a bucket with a hole in the lid and a new plunger with holes. We drilled in the rubber part and this sits in my laundry area. If my washer goes down I can use this emergency washer till we can get it fixed. So you see the whole world doesn’t have to go to pieces to use this. It's a simple fix to get through something that would otherwise be a catastrophe.

So I want to stress we don’t always know what will come our way how you get through it is what you do or don’t in YOUR preparations.

I know it is hard with our incomes staying the same and groceries keep going and other things too. Do what you can with what you have. If you are like us and can only get a little or just even maintain your storage just remember to do the best you can it is helpful.

Also, remember to learn your skills. You can learn for free on the internet or from libraries. Check out books, read, learn, if no other thing can be done ask someone to help you learn who already know how. Most people would be happy to teach you.

Life teaches us to learn things whether or not we wanted to learn. I wish I knew how to do the things I have learned back when we were first married but I guess I had to be there to learn what I know now.

You probably wonder well she is sixty what else needs to be learned. I am here at age sixty to say very much I learned every day from something we read that morning in our scripture, reading to learning sewing better to a new way to knit something, how to do different ways with bread to quite a few other things. I love to learn. I am teaching myself more on weaving.

I have a thirst to learn. Those of you that home school you yearn to find better ways to teach.

Not all of us can or want to go to college but you can learn every bit as good doing the best we can.

I am a book person. You will find me with my nose in a book trying to learn. On birthdays what I want as a gift I to go to the used book store and I love the sale books, I want books that help me learn.

Now I already know how to spin on this matchless wheel but I do not know how to use it to its full potential -

Learning to floor loom weave

Learning the bond machine for knitting

How to tat

This is what it looks like when I want to learn:

a.       I want to learn…???
b.       Find sites or YouTube on it
c.       Gather more then  a few so you have as much as you want to teach you
d.       …get books from library on this topic as well

This is a rough look at how I set up to learn. You apply it to what you are wanting to learn. Could be how to bake a pie or cake or pot roast or how to do freezer meals, use my rough approach to learning it. Pick what you want to learn and do the best you can.

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