Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Message

Bishop H. Burke Peterson - "On the average, about 30 percent of the church has a two-month supply of food. The remainder have little or none....become self-sufficient as possible to prepare against the days to come." General Conference October 1975.

I wonder what the percentages would be today? Where do you fall? - we need to keep trying to be frugal. download the free download, fun to see their look on how they did things then. - helpful info on making bread. - this has some interesting things, I love this gal and recommend you watch.

I want to visit a bit on how you can get storage when you think you have no money…

Take a realistic look at your finances. You pay tithing, housing, utilities, gas and your other bills, am I right so far? After that where did your money go?? Did you eat out? Where then did it go? Track it and when you are tempted say how many meals can you get from this amount of money. Please, do not tell yourself you will worry about it or deal with it later or something will happen, like a tree of money will drop money in your lap. It doesn’t happen and you are just putting off things. So I tell you, don’t do that. They just get bigger and harder to manage.

If you can, clamp down on extra spending. You see lots are on spending fasts or no spend times, I think this does help to see where the money goes.

You might just see you can easily put in storage.

But in some cases you have no extra at all to do storage. This is what I want to visit about. You set an amount in your budget for groceries, this amount is what you work with. Look at your list of meals. Okay, now find a cheaper replacement meal that your family still likes. Use the difference on getting in your storage. See, with careful planning and elbow grease you can do it even when your budget is as tight as ours.

Check the damage carts. When you see something in them that your family eats AND (this is real important) it must be a lot cheaper, grab them up and rearrange your list.

If you are hung up on name brands, stop. That my favorite brands are fastco store brand, aldis no name brand is a huge savings.

I make my own mixes - taco seasoning, biscuit mix, cream soup mix, cocoa mix, rice mix... you get the idea. Why pay a company to mix your food? Use the money instead to build storage for your family. Yes, this is better for you. Convenience should not be higher than health. Having a snack cake mix on hand takes minutes to make, less to use it so we are led to believe we are so busy that we need these… no, we don’t.

Make my bread. I even fix it in jars so it becomes quick and easy.

I watch flyers sale things. Set aside if you can money to take advantage of sales.

We use powdered milk, not the icky kind at stores - This will get you to the home storage order form, it is a resource you need to use.

There are other things you can do as well - breakfast meals aka pancakes at supper, you can plan some meatless meals too.

Don’t be afraid to try new or different things. I would love to try the lentil sloppy joes the site above shows but I do love some things better without meat like lasagna, even enchiladas. I make a minestrone soup, no meat. You can do more things with less, just see what you can do. Even pizza can have no meat and tastes fantastic.

For years I have used less meat in things, you can too.

If you have little kids having milk is a must and proteins but you can use powder milk in baking and cooking, just mix it into dry ingredients and add the water with liquids.

Soups are great especially when served with breads. Just have a date with your recipe file then plan, make your menus up. How can you cut costs?

If you say you're too busy that might need addressing, because you have appliances that help you whereas your great grandmother was busy too, more busy making clothes and everything from scratch and taking care of her family. You can do this…

Do the best you can, make it a game on how to stretch those pennies and how to make your own mixes.

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