Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Message

Homemade dishcloths are the best. Pattern HERE.

“As has been said so often, the best storehouse system that the Church could devise would be for every family to store a year’s supply of needed food, clothing, and, where possible, the other necessities of life.” (Thomas S. Monson, “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare,” Ensign, Sep 1986, 3)

Have you repeatedly warned your child about driving carefully?   Have they headed your warnings? Why do you do this? To keep them safe and help them, right? Kids on the other hand, "ya ya ya ya…..nothing is gonna happen." Maybe they will listen and maybe they won’t get it until something does happen. Is that how it is when we have repeatedly been warned and choose to put it off as we think nothing can happen to us. Until it does.

It just takes one pink slip of paper to turn your life upside down in an instant.

It makes you think fast what your resources are. Then things get hard and the older you are the harder things get. It is harder to find work when you are forty and older. The world is constantly changing. Our ancestors had to prepare for days of scarcity. They had to be frugal in every way. They set the example and we should look to them in our path of preparing. Also, pray for help in this as well.

So, I encourage you to heed the warnings and get yourself prepared. - I love her blog, she is very helpful. - I have mentioned before that cooking from scratch is so huge, can make or break your budget. - very basic things to know. - this is a favorite way to have apples. Is this recipe going to cost a lot to make? NO! It is much for little.

I continue to stress - plan your meals! You will be surprised how farther your money will go when you do this and how many meals can be piggy-backed off each other.

We all need to try and do the best we can. - this is great for when we are feeling busy. See, now you know why I love this gal :)

I picked a few just from her site but I encourage you to explore her site. We can learn so much from others. I, for one, am so thankful for people who share information to help us on our journey.

Flu season is in full swing. Remember, have a sick plan and put in the things you will need.

Remember - wash wash wash your hands!

Those just trying to learn to knit, this is my favorite pattern and once you try homemade dishcloths, it will be your favorite too. - as I write this blog post we have a freezing rain event heading our way, do you have lamps with oil at the ready??

I can tell you I have had to use them plenty of times. You can work emergency things right into your decorating.

Winter and losing power can be a cold event. Hopefully, no one will experience that but it could happen. Do you have a plan? If you have room in your freezer (or just set outside), fill milk jugs with water leaving space at top for ice to expand. Then if you lose power for a length of time you can put these jugs in your refrigerator or freezer. This then become a big ice chest but don’t open the door a lot.

Do you have an alternative method of cooking? Also, prepare ahead and make things you can eat without cooking.

Even gas stoves now have electronic ignitions making them hard to use no oven and only the top can be used. So know what you can or cannot do.

We once had ice over snow, we all stayed on the porch and skipped pennies across the ice we had a blast. We are still finding pennies in our driveway and with each one we find we remember the fun we had.

Keep in mind building storage and skills.

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