Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Message

"Decide as a family that there will be no vacation or holiday next year unless you have your year’s supply. Many Church members could buy a full year’s supply of the basics from what they would save by not taking a vacation. Take the vacation time and work on a family garden. Be together, and it can be just as much fun."
(Vaughn J. Featherston)

It is almost planting time, are you going to have a garden?

There still is much flooding going on in eastern Iowa. It seems there is no end to the trials all around the world. We need to be ready to help each other...there is no shortage of need. We may not be able to do huge things but we can do what we can to help, even a smile and prayers can help if we can do nothing else.

I have still been spring cleaning a bit and organizing as I go. I have always believed having something you like to collect is a good thing but as I have been going through clearing out with this spring cleaning I might be rethinking the collecting thing. I think I collected too many things. Yes, collecting is fun but is hard to clear out. During this time I saw a commercial for a show, this lady had such a huge collection she needed to buy another house just to house it. Just how much is too much? Well, I know my clearing out will help others who are going through a hard time and that kept me going.

How are you coming with your skill building?

Mary Ann shared this link with us...   

It is a great site if you knit or if you want to learn.  

I have been working on knitting up a skein of sock yarn. I only had one skein of this and want to see how long of a sock tube I get.  

Then once I get close to the other end I will do ten rows of ribbing and bind off. I plan to do the afterthought everything socks. I will pick gray or blue and do the heels and toes. - here she will show you how I will do it.

This will prepare me to using my sock machine to do the same thing...

I will crank out a sock tube that will be like the one I showed above then I'll repeat the same procedure. This is a skill I have been teaching myself.

The sock machine will do ribbing heels and toes using these parts...

Maybe down the road I will want to do that but I really want to crank tubes and do the afterthought everything socks.

At the same time I am trying to learn to spin thinner to make my own sock yarn because over the last few years sock yarn has skyrocketed in price.

Along those lines I have been watching this gal's podcast. This one happens to be her dying cotton crochet thread which it just happens to be like I use in one of my favorite bobbin lace bookmark...  

I'd like to learn more on dying my own fiber. I also have been gathering things I had on hand to use for dedicated dye equipment like separate pans, a salad spinner, rubber gloves, plastic measuring spoons and stir spoons tongs, scale and dye and such.

I have my fleece for spinning all on this shelf waiting to be dyed or spun.

With most of the spring cleaning done I have been able to do a little weaving as well.

This is a bobbin lace bookmark I made for part of a gift. I am still learning and probably always will be. I knew I would like to learn bobbin lace I just never expected to love it so much.

What skills are you working on?

Keep looking for sales to stock up as you can.


  1. I would love to see that knitting machine in action.

    1. Are you talking abt the sock machine? It is really neat you crank and it just goes around and around the tube grows type Gertie and me into your search engine ie Google I really like her and you will see her new one in action they haven't changed

  2. My son cleaned out some books and clothes. I dropped them off to the church today. I also had a ton of baby dill plants the self seeded. I put several in pots for me to keep and several in seed containers for friends and coworkers. I only have peas and kale right now in the garden. My tomatoes and peppers that I started from seed are ready to plant. Hubby is going to till this week for me and then I can get everything planted. I love this time of the year.

    1. You must not be near me....rain rain rain and more rain

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. As always, I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. You are so amazing ! I love everything you do . Thank you so much for helping us learn skills.

  6. I learned something new today! I had no idea that there was such a thing as 'sock yarn'! I love the colors of your sock. And your bookmark!! Wowie! It's so beautiful and I also love those colors. Someone is going to be tickled to receive that as a gift!

    I've never really been a big collector of anything. I collected stamps as a kid for several years. Now, I want to dig it out, see if there's anything worth anything, & use the un-postmarked stamps as regular postage!! What a kick to receive a birthday card with an Apollo stamp on it, huh? The only collection of anything I have now are my Nancy Drew books. I still look for the missing titles. I read them every few years just for fun.

    I still haven't made it to the store for some more cotton yarn, but I'm determined to master crocheting dish cloths by the end of this year!!

    We're getting tons of rain here in Kansas, as well. Yesterday was a torrential downpour. The sump was running every 3 minutes or so, flood warnings were running across the tv, roads were closed, & pools of water everywhere. I saw a wild bunny out front under my maple tree. He was burrowed down into the cedar mulch, pressed up against the tree trunk, & I think he was trying to stay warm and dry. It poured all night and all morning. It's late afternoon now and the sun is just trying to peek out. I haven't even planted my annuals yet. I don't see that anyone has. Everything is just too saturated.

    1. Yep the rain just keeps
      If it keeps up our new skill will have to be ark building

  7. What cute little Raggedy Ann and Andy. I love your blog too:)

    1. Thank you! When I was very young I had a Raggedy Ann

  8. You know once everyone knows you love something they will help you collect that something until you have a collection! ha ha Everyone knows I love to cook and used to give me pretty glass bake ware. I just donated a huge box full that I haven't used once in 10 years. At first I felt guilty then relieved.

  9. I love the sock you are making. You always inspire me with your talk about increasing our skills..

    1. I haven't had much time to work on it but nearing the end of the yarn I will take pictures of it as I go

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