Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Message

Keeping the skills you learn organized with binders! I have tatting notebooks, several on food storage, many on knitting and so on! - this will help you to remember why it is important to do storage. I love her site. You can also see a link to her files on the site or you can click here if you want to print them, be advised it fills a big binder but they are the best you will find on storage ever! - this would be great to have on hand. save your apple peels - you can make jelly from the juice as the Amish do or you can make this syrup as she does here. Waste nothing should be our motto! make your own rice roni mix which is cheaper then its counterpart. - make your own taco seasoning.

Remember you can get herbs and spices at the best price at Amrera Herb in Ames. You have to buy by the pound which if you are doing storage is no biggie. Cinnamon is like $3 something a lb, how much is it at the store?

It is no problem if you don’t live in Iowa the business is mail order. Just Google them and leave your name and address on their answering machine. Also, tell them you want their catalog and they will send one to you. a good thing to have a mix made up for.  this is great! I love this idea it was what I tried to tell you before.

These is her menus for November - she has good ideas.

Well I just picked a few things out of her blog that I think would be very useful. There are more on here, just look around.

Someone may have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit, just change it and make it work for you :)

Our lives get so very busy, too busy to try to find time even if it would help. I do understand. Many times I feel that way too even now when the kids are grown up. Each station in our life has new challenges. When we feel that way we need to ponder and analyze what is making us feel this way and what can I cut down on. Do a personal energy budget - we do not have endless amounts of energy!

Make a list on what would charge your tired batteries, then balance things out. It is no different then our budgets. I use binders a lot to organize things. They can be readily found at thrift stores and yard sales.

Keep learning, never stop!!  Keep working on storage building, using, and always rotate.

I am proud of you all working so hard to follow the Prophet! :)

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  1. I love what you teach us, please always budget enough energy to continue this. Love all you do, thanks.


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