Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Message

Handmade gifts make the best Christmas presents plus they're easier on the wallet! Check out how I made this Angry Birds set HERE. - this is a great idea though to read you will need to use your translator button but the page has great pictures you can figure them out. a good reminder - ideas for saving on groceries. - this has great ideas pick the ones that apply. - this has wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts. - good ideas. It is insane what they charge for late bills. - this will help with the rush rush of the season. - cute crocheted hat patterns. - a cute free scarf to crochet. - this is a free food storage book from Utah State University Extension. This is the best book I have seen in a long time. If you don’t look at anything else this is the best! - frugal gift ideas. - great ideas here for teacher and those we visit teach. - fun ideas, I love the fort kit. - great ideas where they apply.

Keep working on your storage. When you get time read the Utah State University Extension which I listed above.

Remember to find time for yourself during this busy season.

Keep up the good work and remember food storage makes a great gift!

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