Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Message

With winter on the way now is the time to brush up on bread making skills. An electric knife is super helpful for getting thin slices. Scroll down to find out how to start baking bread.
With winter here already and promising to be bad this will have ideas to help when bad storms come.

This is a good time to review or learn bread making skills this takes you from beginning to end. My tip: you can make bread with a basic wooden spoon no need for anything fancy. snow days were our favorite days, try making these yum!

If times are tight or not for you here are great ideas  switch coffee for hot cocoas. I love hot cocoa as always, use things that apply. again switch to making hot cocoa mixes, I love what this lady has in her books, worth checking out of the library. great ideas.

These have many ideas but the best thing is have fun and make memories, they last for a very long time.

Our fortunes turn on a dime when we least expect it so learn well the skills that will help you through the tough tides of life. We can be always sad and down or we can choose not to be and help those around us by our being strong. Most of all don’t make yourself feel less then you are or that you must not have learned something that is not how it is. We are subject to life’s experiences. Most times we can help others get through because we have been there and can help them navigate. 

Keep working on your food storage build it when you can because it is hard to build it when you can’t.

Don’t go into debt. This time of year things tug at your heart but these ideas can be used in place of the credit card. We don’t have to get things now only to suffer hardship later.

Make sure you are set for any storm we get and be thankful we are not getting six feet of snow.

Make traditions..…  it takes not too much to make caramel corn and play a game, fun is as simple as that.

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