Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Message

Having appliances already out and utensils ready to go saves time when working in the kitchen.
What if you had something change in your life where you had no funds for groceries? How long could you go on your storage? If you have storage, did you rotate it or is it not good any more? Food for thought. How long could you go? would the meals taste good? Or would your lack of storage make the suffering harder? Keep that in mind. I used to tell myself if I had no money what would I wish I had gotten and how would I feel if I would make a purchase that was not a need? Would I grow to hate the purchase? Stuff to think about.

I know I have had this up before but it has great ideas We should review it often to keep us on track. - this is some that is very helpful. Just yesterday I made Anadama bread and it was the same amount of work to do four loaves as it is to do two. And when I make cookies I double the batch so I can bake some and make cookie dough logs for the freezer. I will be able to make some when I am too busy or on a cold and snowy night. - the other day while making cookies, which pretty much ties you to the kitchen, I was thinking what would streamline this kitchen and I was able to rearrange my counters in a way that helps me so much more than it did. When I started making the cookies, I always have my appliances plugged in and ready to go, since I have Fibromyalgia conserving my energy is paramount. So when you see the pictures of my house you see all is out, my mixers, the wheat grinder, my sewing machines. I cannot pull things out everytime I need to use  them so you might check and see if that helps you. Yes my spaces are small but having to get them out and make room everytime I need to use is energy spent often at times I have already spent it.

Cooking from scratch takes time and must be planned for. Last week I gave you a site in how to make a binder with your recipes in. I went ahead and worked one up and so far it is the best way I have done so far with my working working recipes. I call it my working cookbook.

I have a section in front with important misc. In that section I have a chart for powdered milk measurements, spice mixes I always have to hunt down and use a lot, chart on cooking grains in pressure cooker, my favorite tortilla recipe…. things to save me from “THE DREADED SEARCH.” Then I put my favorite breads and rolls, then comes my breakfast recipes followed by main dish, then soups, salads and last desserts. You can set up yours to help you best.  Did it take time to do this? Yes it did, but it is invaluable to me. I have places that as I try new recipes and we like them I can add to it. Start by just adding your family favorites.

As I use this it will help me in meal prep. While putting finishing touches on supper I can be getting dry ingredients ready for morning muffins. If you have a meal plan you will see what you are having tomorrow and if you have need for onions or celery both days or even several days ahead you can cut them while cutting today's - saves time down the road. I tell myself I will thank myself later.

I store items to make things I use like taco mix.  This is the one I use…

Taco Seasoning

1 1/2 c. chili powder
1 c. paprika
7/8 c. cumin
1/2 c. onion powder
a bit less then 1/2 c. garlic powder
2 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 tsp. salt

I mix this together and store in a jar. I know you are looking at the amounts and having a melt down but this is a recipe we like, you can use it to taste or same amount as what is in a pkg from the store, about three tbsp roughly and add water as you would for that.

I store these ingredients in my storage and Ameraherb in Ames has the best bulk prices, for example a lb of chili powder is just a bit over three dollars… knowing what your family likes store the ingredients to make it. dry ranch dressing mix, I store all these ingredients.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

1/2 c. cinnamon
1/4 c. ginger
2 tbsp nutmeg
2 tbsp cloves

I mix these ingredients together and store in a jar.

Lately I used it here -  I shook them in this spice and sugar as well…they were yummy and cost way less then their counterpart.

Chocolate Souffle Mix

one chocolate cake mix
one angel food cake mix

Mix together and store in jar or container with a lid.

To make….

in a two cup microwave safe bowl put……

3/4 c. mix
3 tbsp water

Stir and microwave one minute only.

I will add chocolate chips any flavor, or nuts, or mint anything you want to stir in before you microwave. This is a fast dessert!

Keep working on your storage and living with in your means ……you're doing great!

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