Friday, July 24, 2015

The great bread experiment

I wanted to see if I could make THIS BREAD RECIPE that works so fantastic in the bread machine and try it out in my Bosch mixer. Thus began the great bread experiment. The whole reason behind the experiment was to see if it took the same amount of time and if there was a difference in taste or texture.

I measured all the ingredients four times in the Bosch and one time in the bread machine. I didn't add extra flour to the mixer, both were exact measurements. When it came time to mixing, I mixed the dough in the Bosch the same amount of time as it mixed in the bread machine.

The dough is slightly sticky but don't be tempted to add flour. I shaped the loaves in the bread pans and let them raise for twenty minutes.

As you can tell in the picture below each loaf looks exactly the same. I can't even remember which one was made in the bread machine.

But do they look the same in texture?

As you can see the texture is identical and let me tell you the taste is exactly the same.

 Overall, the experiment was a success! So to save energy and dollars doing more than one loaf I can now make four loaves with the Bosch. Also, as a side note, this bread freezes great! I just slice it before putting in a bag in the freezer. Give the recipe a try!


  1. I thought i posted. Anyway i got to spend some of my time today with Sister. Shook and checking out her food storage, kitchen and house. It was. A wonderful tour. What was the name of that canning. Magazine? Blue Ribbon?

  2. I made artisan bread that turned out great. It only requires 1/4 tsb of yeast. I'm wondering if I use more yeast will the dough rise more?

  3. artisan bread won't get as high as the loaf bread but you could increae yeast another equal amt and see if you like it better when i use the artison bread i will have a starter dough in frig that has yeast in it then when i am read to shape in a round shape i put it on parchment and lift into a dutch oven type skillet pan that has a lid this pan and lid are hot from heating it in the preheating oven i carefully lower the bread in pan by holding on to the parchment paper yes the paper stays on bottom while baking in the cast iron i put on lid and put all in for the required baking time and we eat it hot.


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