Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Message - Food storage in small spaces

Provident living: To get our schedule straight, we are having class this Tuesday, Oct. 1st at 9:30 a.m. at the Shooks. Parking is diagonal in the grass so all can fit in.The class will be on food storage in small spaces.

The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat.
- President Brigham Young
e will be discussing this site on Tuesday in the class. It has some ideas that one does not often think of.

Even if you have storage space these would be wonderful to review

I think you see the theme for this message. Now that classes have started I will be adding the stuff we have in class for those who can not make it. - guess what is behind my couch... water

We are always looking how to find room I know I am! good ideas here  this is a fantastic idea if you have a handy man more ideas she has lots of great ideas look around (Preview)  this gal has great video how to's on food storage. This should give you many ideas to get you started.

Keep on working on your storage keep stocking it up and rotate.

You all are doing a great job of canning and all that helps with our storage growth home canned food last longer then tinned food so keep it up.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Message - Conference weekend edition

Provident living class will be on learning to crochet this Tuesday, Sept. 24th at 9:30 a.m. at the Shooks. Bring yarn and a crochet hook size G and a pair of scissors.

"As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year’s supply of necessities. . . . I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With the events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness. . . . Create a plan if you don't already have one, or update your present plan . . . We are not in a situation that requires panic buying, but we do need to be careful in purchasing and rotating the storage that we're putting away." (L. Tom Perry, in Conference Report, Oct. 1995, 47; or Ensign, Nov. 1995, 36).

I hope you had a good week of stocking up with the good sale on hamburger and toilet paper and other items. This is still preparedness month, though I think it is always an ongoing thing. Some things overlooked is sewing supplies - if you do not sew it is a good time to learn. If you mend, make sure you have plenty of mending notions on hand especially needle and thread. to start with, fix a hot cocoa and put your feet up.

Conference is coming up. My favorite all time thing to do is watch conference. We have a tradition of having chili and cinnamon rolls.

I thought I would throw in some things for kids to do during conference:

One other thing we do is have a walk between sessions  helps wake up everyone and is fun to talk about the talks and what we each liked so far at that point what we liked best.

So those are the cinnamon rolls I make, you can frost them as you like.

My chili recipe in case you would like it.......
(I throw it in the crockpot)

I brown one lb of hamburger, drain it & put in the crockpot with one or two cans of drained and rinsed kidney beans (may be omitted if kids don't like beans)
3-4 cans of tomato soup
1 tbsp dried onion
1 to 2 tbsp chili powder
pinch or two of salt
some pepper to taste
you will need to add a can or two of water just depends on how big your crockpot is

I serve with crackers and slice of cheese and the cinnamon rolls. I have varied this by adding some salsa or sometimes half to one tsp cumin.

So enjoy!  I do the work before conference on Saturday and we just reheat it all on Sunday. it is very easy to make your own dishwasher soap..... I like the idea of having preparedness goals - Sister Challis shared this and I thank her for it. I will remind everyone that we do have a dry pack canner in the building that can be checked out, I think you could ask President Evans or Brother Nat Tognetti who one would go through to do that.

So don't be afraid of gathering in your storage due to containers. Food is important and containers you can order or go to bakeries and get free ones and elbow grease to clean them out. Just remember food grade buckets and if you get from a bakery they are food grade and I like to let mine air dry after I have washed and towel dried for overnight to be sure it is good and dry.

Remember to put two bay leaves in things like pasta, oats, popcorn, flour, wheat... you get the idea. And to answer the question in your head..... no, it does not leave a taste or smell unless you break and lose part of it and cook it into a cookie then it will taste in that cookie.

Keep working on your storage and skills. The next class will be on storing in small spaces.....

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Message

Crocheting is a great skill to have! Above is a crocheted vest I made for my granddaughter, you can read more here.

Provident living:  Sept. 24th at 9:30 a.m. at the Shook's! We will be having beginning crochet and you will need regular worsted weight yarn (it is the cheap yarn at walmart), size G hook and a pair of scissors. We will have so fun come join us!

"A year's supply of food storage is beneficial in several ways: 

1. It provides peace of mind as we obey the counsel to store. 

2. It helps ensure survival in case of personal or natural disaster. 

3. It strengthens skills in preparing and using basic foods" ("Home Storage: Build on the Basics," Ensign, June 1989, 40). - this is a great way to be frugal! - this too is a great idea, could use as a gift for a little one. How many odd socks do we have hanging on till we find the mate? - this is an easy way to make leg warmers. And with colder weather coming up sooner then later, it would also be a good idea to make for your little crawlers! Use a child's sweater to make the baby leggings to save those little knees. - good use for those old cards you have been saving or that are yet to come.

Our lives get so busy doing so many things so don't forget the one you married...

emotional preparedness, I love this idea! - - this sums up everything... again, if you are waiting, what are you waiting for?

This will have many recipes for you to use your oats in...

A reminder of what basic food is needed for one person... - on this we add things we are used to eating, provided we don't eat out every day. By adding things like cinnamon, now you can have cinnamon rolls and can just add what your family likes to eat! Look at your menus and get the menus you come up with for your family and place in your binder then break it down how to get what is needed to eat that and stock up. - I store dried apples and I make dried apples and it is amazing. How neat to have on hand, we make apple crisp and you would not be able to tell they had been dried first. - what to do with all those beans. - recipes for beans - very helpful with the powdered milk - recipes for dry milk - pasta - rice - dehydrated carrots - water - great to keep on a cupboard door substitutions - more substitutions - in our class we put pressure canner, dehydrator, food saver on the list for Christmas and if you do not have a wheat grinder that is one as well.

Magna Utah Central Stake has put this together for their stake... some light reading right? But truly could get many ideas here. - I was amazed to see I had all the ingredients for the sun dried tomato and penne soup, but these might be good to have on shelf for cold and flu season. - these look good as well.

This week was packed with great ideas and great recipes for using your storage. Now that the heat is gone, it is back to cooking warm hearty meals, so try some of the recipes and see if you can find some that can make their way into your menus and binders!

We are all working hard and going in the same direction, we are all brothers and sisters and love each other  no one is totally prepared but we can get closer to it or be further from it but as I see in our ward people are working to get closer to it.

I am thankful for Prophets and their warnings and teachings, we are blessed. Keep working on your storage!

A heads up our next class on Oct. 1st will be on storing in small spaces.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Canning beef

Beef was on sale this week so I ended up canning some pints. I ended up using my last 20 pints for the season, looks like it will be quart jars from here on out.

These are some gorgeous bags my friend Liza made! She is such a great seamstress, I am always so inspired by her. It was such a great surprise to get them and a great pick-me-up for the start of the week!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Message

This chocolate cake is the perfect recipe for something special to have when times are tough. Click the link for the recipe:

Provident Living Class will be this Tuesday, Sept. 10th at 9:30 a.m. We will have a share time and a planning session if you cannot come, email me what classes you would like or topics you would like covered at

"We encourage you to grow all the food that you feasiblly can on your own property. Berry bushes, grapevines, fruit trees—plant them if your climate is right for their growth. Grow vegetables and eat them from your own yard" (Spencer W. Kimball, in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 171; or Ensign, May 1976, 124). 

"Those families will be fortunate who, in the last days, have an adequate supply of food because of their foresight and ability to produce their own" (Ezra Taft Benson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1980, 47; or Ensign, Nov. 1980, 33). 

Those Who Faithfully Follow the Counsel Will Be Blessed 

"The Lord has warned us of famines, but the righteous will have listened to prophets and stored at least a year’s supply of survival food" (Ezra Taft Benson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1973, 90; or Ensign; Jan. 1974, 80). 

"Consider the important (food storage) program which we must never forget nor put in the background. As we become more affluent and our bank accounts enlarge, there comes a feeling of security, and we feel sometimes that we do not need the supply that has been suggested by the Brethren. . . . We must remember that conditions could change and a year’s supply of basic commodities could be very much appreciated by us or others. So we would do well to listen to what we have been told and to follow it explicitly" (Spencer W. Kimball, in Conference Report, Apr. 1976, 170; or Ensign, May 1976, 124). 

"We want you to be ready with your personal storehouses filled with at least a year’s supply. You don’t argue why it cannot be done; you just plan to organize and get it done" (Spencer W. Kimball, August 1976). - This site is a good way to teach this as I have read over what she does. I add only one thing... when I have leftover things like celery and carrots at the end of the month (even potatoes) I dry them, freeing up my frig for the next month's shopping. It makes more time, it is a dreaded day but it is over for a month, so once a month for me saves much time and gas. - In case you did not click on it, this has great information on planning for your menus and such. I throw in extra just in case I would not like a certain thing (ie too tired to fix it or other no time that sort of thing) even her recipes look very good.... scroll down to see recipe list, grocery list, meal plan, staples list. - here is a nice video clip about the family who I sent the above sites from...

If you found that you only made $14,000 a year, could you manage and make do? It is good to know how because you never know.

Also, like a few months back in the ensign there was a message in there don't wait till...? (whatever can be placed there) to be happy, be happy now to live within your means and be happy with what life deals you or when you get to the end of your life you will look back and see you could have had so much happiness if you had let yourself. Things are just things, that is all, in a year or two they will represent nothing but a dated item, so no matter what life deals you enjoy your life!

We can all make-do! Sure there are times it is not easy... really not easy but remember what I have said, stock ingredients to make choc cake...that will make everyone know things are okay :)

The difference between the janitor and the engineer is that income but both could be happy or both could be not happy. You are not less if you do not have the great job, it's okay. We push on, live the gospel and enjoy our life, serve and love others. - also make your own croutons as well  and stuffing. - some ideas here.

SKILL BUILDING... - this site has a cute pattern for the beginner knitter. Instead of buying make-up sponges you can make your own and they wash and are re-useable. - one time I was in line at the grocery in Kalona (my favorite little amish bulk buying store) and an amish farmer was ahead of me getting a really large bag of potatoes fifty lbs. or so... anyway, as I was looking at him I noticed that his britches were darned in several places and I thought that is so neat to see! So often we toss things with holes as some don't want to be bothered to mend, but I am sure his wife labored over these darned areas with love of family and being so thrifty. I am sure he felt blessed to have such a wonderful wife. - sometimes you get a jean to fit just like you like but the waist was made for a stick drawing, this would be a good thing for just those pants! - this could be a frugal idea for date nights. - great idea coming up for Christmas.

Lastly, I leave you with the chocolate cake I mentioned above. This is our favorite chocolate cake and having things on hand to make it always anytime we want is a wonderful thing to know. When times are tight and hard some how a piece of chocolate cake helps -

Keep working on gathering in your storage. I love hearing about what you are doing to be frugal, and putting in storage, and living inspire me!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Message

(Click here to see how to make these Angry Bird cuties)

Provident Living Class: Sept. 10th at 9:30 a.m. at the Shooks. We will be sharing how we have worked on our three month binders and what progress we have made on storage and plan upcoming classes

Gordon B. Hinckley, Oct. 1998
“Time has come to get our houses in order.”

“There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed.”

“I urge you, brethren, to look to the condition of your finances. I urge you to be modest in your expenditures; discipline yourselves in your purchases to avoid debt to the extent possible. Pay off debt as quickly as you can, and free yourselves from bondage.”

Gordon B. Hinckley, Oct. 2005
“The best storehouse is the family storeroom.”

“Our people for three-quarters of a century have been counseled and encouraged to make such preparation as will assure survival should a calamity come.”

“We can set aside some water, basic food, medicine, and clothing to keep us warm. We ought to have a little money laid aside in case of a rainy day.”

“We can so live that we can call upon the Lord for His protection and guidance. . . . We cannot expect His help if we are unwilling to keep His commandments.” - This is good enough to repeat over and over. - good to learn how to knead bread - We have had this in our class before but I cannot tell you enough that it is nice to have this on hand. I have tried quite a few and think it is wonderful. Also, it really does take as long to make a soup as opening a can of soup and heating it. Worth having in your binders. a good pic and a reminder. Is your larder loaded? If not, now is the time to be working on it. - this has helpful dehydrating things

I have two running now one with tomatoes and one with apples. The tomatoes are the end of the season of them in my garden. I will use them in soups and dips and breads and such and the apples are from our tree that have dropped. I pick up the dropped ones every day and then either use or dry them to be used in granola, oatmeal, snacks, apple crisp... yep apple crisp, it is fantastic really lots of uses.  - this is a great demonstration. I have shared before as well on using a vacuum sealer. I also use a large canister to vacuum seal things in jelly jars and pasta jars and other jars that one might get. So save your jars and their lids. So far baby food jars are the only ones I cannot do but they have lots of organizational use in sewing room or garage if you want the information, message me and I'll walk you through that method or you can come see a demo on it. this is a great idea for storing in small spaces.
What are you missing in your storage? The above link will give you ideas and my hint to calculate toilet paper usage is to write the date you put the roll in the bathroom and then note the date it is used this in all bathrooms then calculate how much you would need and then I like to add half as much again for flu and cold season. - this is a list often used I would say to store what you eat and not what you do not like. For example, I hate salmon and so if I decide oh look salmon is on sale and get some just because it was food in a can... I can tell you I will never ever eat it ever.

Once you have done your canning and have leftover jars here is a good thing to use them on...

I keep lots of spices and dry things in jars, I call them my using jars. What to do with those metal cans when we use up what is inside? Here's a few ideas... - This is what I did last year with leftover cans. It's not too early to think of gifts for Christmas time. - scroll past the little guy who has gotten into something for recipes we have covered a lot of these in class but different recipes give you variety and it is good to see the savings. - some ideas here for your 72 hr kits.

I have heard of many families in our ward working on putting up stores. I am so happy to be part of a ward family that follows the Prophet, it makes me feel so good.

While you are working on your storage don't neglect your skill building.... Can you make clothes?

Can you knit a scarf?

Can you make socks?

Can you make a crochet toy?

There are other skills to build this just gets you to thinking!
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