Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Message

Scroll down for a link to a recipe for the cinnamon rolls Riley's eating in this picture!
As I mentioned September is preparedness month… good to read makes you think car kit blankets this site is great she also has her info on it will be under provident living info Joanna E. Banks, I think everyone should have a copy of those notes.

Windowpane test do you know what this is? If you make bread you want to know… very helpful to know. this washer bucket is easy to make and keep for if you have a washer break down. this is a great way to save your food. I just opened 2010 marked Hershey's chocolate bars that I vacuum sealed, yep just as fresh as when I got them.

I thought I would put in some of my favorite food storage sites of course I really like the info mention above by Joanna E. Banks then…. I love this site. noodle around her site. search her site too.

It is time to see what you need to do to start your storage and if you have storage check it for weak spots see where you need to improve it.

Remember to rotate! How do you do that? You check, lets say, your peanut butter and you see you need to pick up four you can date them and put them to the back and use the in front ones… this is very necessary.

Try to look at your storage as one large pantry instead of if something goes bad and then you use, you will have compound trouble if you do that…

Again if you were to lose your job this Friday, would you benefit from the storage you have built?

If you have stored wheat did you store a grinder? With that do you know what to do…? Will you go to the internet to find a recipe that may or may not taste good? It is not as hard as you think to start learning before you need to know it.

I can tell you that when we have had hard times I am usually very stressed and cannot think well what to do but since I know how to use the wheat and already use it. It is not like suddenly I can’t spend our remaining dollars on store bought bread how can I now introduce something new that maybe is so different that no one will eat it… or… I could make bread and cinnamon rolls and every hardship now seems we can make it through... and if I have things we eat normally there will be no disruption on that end and those last few dollars can be used elsewhere … i make sense? Yes it is because I have been there and know that I can if I have to go a long while without going to the store.

You do not know when it is this might be you so prepare.

If we would have had to eat the first loaf of bread I made it would have gone bad to worse it was hard as a brick. We buried it... so learn from me, store food and items you use and need build those skills. 

I know it is wonderful when you have a job and all your needs and wants are filled but that could end suddenly without warning I think if you talk to anyone this has happened to they learned well what hurt the most and are better prepared.

Keep working on all your things use the info you got in this message and others so you can weather what comes your way.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Message

Making your own yogurt is a great way to utilize the powdered milk in your food storage! -buckets are wonderful to store food in, just make sure they are food grade buckets. I usually ask at the bakeries if they have any buckets that way I know it is food grade. I then wash and thoroughly dry them before using and I put two bay leaves on top of things that could get bugs (that is your grains, flours, pasta... you get the picture). 

I put two in each bucket so I know what number of bay leaves I am looking for and I put them on top of the food in the bucket before placing the lid on. Then I mark what it is and the date, for example: "flour 14" - that tells me what is in it and what year it is. I have used flour five years-old that is just as good as year one. But the real secret is ROTATION - this is a must or it will go rancid! this is a fantastic resource for using powdered milk. - this is good to know how to do! this is a good site for lots of storage and frugal info.  make your own granola bars! She has a good view on storage ,wanting to use a recipe or changing a recipe to fit what you store, I do this too :) good to add to your binder. this is good to have on hand and rotate storage. - these are good to make or to know how to make. this is an example of someone’s food storage notebook. - this is a good one to know too. - the wheat ones make you think eeeew but they are the best ever!

So what I have done in this message is to inspire you to get your storage in and to share recipes that you can make out of your storage. Remember to rotate your storage & live frugally! You never know when you will have to and it will be harder if you are not used to it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Message

Part of being frugal is figuring out how to do things yourself. Once you do, add it to your binder so you can continue to add to it. The more you can do for yourself the more you will save.

Scroll down in the message for a link on how to sew your children's underwear. - this could be a fun family activity. - I have made this up as mixes and gave as a kit with jam.  - cooking from scratch saves money. Yes, it might take a bit more time but so does getting in the car and going to the store and getting something fast and full of not-good-for-you-things, plus you are then subjected to the grocery store's plan to spend spend spend! - this is a great walk through. - basic ingredients and you can make it fast. I like how she takes the above recipe and shows totally how to use storage to make it and even down to the tortillas.

We could do this with other recipes as well, keep these successes recorded in a binder. - ignore the give away part, this is an old part but look at all the things you can do with a grinder! Read your grinder info before trying other than wheat to see if your grinder has a do nots listed.

Inserting here a reminder that our church building has a grinder you can check out from RS president.

Since we are talking as well on building our skills what a neat way to recycle your kids t-shirts into underwear for them

Work at building your skills. Wouldn’t it be nice to recycle for the fabric so work on the sewing skills? Google sewing helps, there are many help aids out there. every time you go to the store pick up one item for a first aid kit, also make sure you have one in your car  and now is the time to start gathering your winter car kits.

If you get it ready ahead of time it is always a good idea.

Along that idea, get your storage up for those snow storms that will hit and you can stay on with the kids and have a snow day, we loved those!

One thing too is it is a good idea to get in the habit to fill your car when it gets half empty instead of totally empty. Often there is a breakdown or accident that you would be stopped and stuck on the interstate and you can keep your self and others warm until you can move again.

When we put off getting storage till the emergency then it is too late and some how with much hardship you get through it but it often makes you get prepared so that does not happen again. So be wise, learn and prepare ahead of time.

I have told this before but it is worth repeating...

Many years ago we had a two year-old and a baby. We lived in Pammel Court as many know that was then the cheaper ISU student housing. Nothing more then a chicken coop made of corrugated metal. When the tornado siren sounded they were not safe. We would have to get in the car and drive through the storm to a building on campus with a fall-out shelter. 

The first time we grabbed the kids and went to the car then into the building. Well I do not need to tell you how wet we were. The kids were crying and it was awful, other people were in the same boat. So I never wanted that to be the case again. I packed a five gallon bucket with snackies, coloring books and colors, towels, change of clothes for the kids and a toy or so, sure enough we had to go again the way it is in Iowa, this time I had grabbed the bucket that I had by the door. It was the same group of people, wet wind ... miserable, though most could not speak English. 

We made an impact louder than words as we changed the kids clothes and we dried off with the towels and kids had treats and something to do which we shared with the other kids too. Next time we went there everyone had some sort of the same thing we did, one even had a suitcase we all smiled at each other for we knew we all learned to be prepared... so learn and do, it was simple.

Keep working on your storage, your binders and your skills. You are doing well!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Message

Making your own croutons is a great way to use up some of that dried out bread. Check out more HERE
With grocery prices continually rising I thought I would find us some helpful info! - this has very good ideas though they mention homesteading. I think you can find extremely helpful info.  - very helpful ideas that can help you especially for when you're busy. - great ideas here too.

These are a great place to start, a very great selection!

Whenever you want to learn, do research, go to the library or you can search on internet.

I think the Tightwad Gazette is a great book to check out if you do not already have it. It's by Amy Dacyczyn, there are several volumes. I make a variation of her crouton recipe!

We need to keep working on skills... - this will help you learn how to make dishcloths. I only use knitted dishcloths, it is a great skill to have! here is one that is crocheted. scroll down, she has a wonderful way of teaching food storage. Put your feet up and enjoy!

I think on this message just read and study, even if you think you know everything you might be surprised what you can learn by taking time for yourself.

If you find someone that doesn't mind being a mentor ask questions!

I have totally learned to warp a rug loom by research and asking questions and dived right in. I believe you can find a way to teach yourself just about anything! It might take a little longer but it is free!

Keep working on your storage. Use what you learn in the first articles. Keep learning about what you can do to stretch the dollar.

i am proud of all you are doing prepare your families

Friday, September 5, 2014

Progress on the loom

The loom that I got about eight years ago is called a Weaver's Delight. I've been restoring it and learning how to warp it ever since. The entire thing has been a learning adventure. It would have been beneficial to have seen something like this done but there really isn't anything out there that shows how. The first three pictures are of me wrapping the warp around the sectional beam.

Because I didn't have a spool holder which is necessary to wrap the beam, I figured out how to make one out of a TV tray holder. I drilled holes in it for dowel rods to go through and it now holds 24 spools. You can see the makeshift spool holder in the picture below in the bottom left corner.

Now that the thread has been wrapped around the sectional beam the warping begins! I had to tape each section to a dowel rod, 24 strings per section.

The string has to go through the heddles and then through the reed. I tied a knot at the bottom of every 12 strings so it wouldn't get pulled back in somehow.

In the picture below you can see what it looks like behind the harnesses.

This is a picture of the work in front with all of the strings through the heddles and the reed.

Big Bertha is now warped and ready to go! It took a hard time getting here but I think she looks beautiful and I can't wait to start making rugs with her!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Backpack baskets

I have been wanting to do this style for years!

To make, you measure the reed and soak it in water then form the base. The weavers are then formed to shape the basket as you go (kind of tricky). Then you just add the belting.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Message - Budgeting

People are having to tighten their budgets in this ever-changing economy. So I will be talking some here about this topic. - will explain a basic budget to help you better understand how to make one and I put a plug in here to always pay your tithing first that helps things go further. - this gives you something to think about for sure.

Tracking your spending will help you a lot in finding the leaks.

A bit of retraining yourself might be needed to break some habits you might do without thinking… Like being too tired to cook so lets eat out - I suggest freezing several meals you and your family like for just that time (goes for being sick as well).

I had a friend who always would keep a meal in her freezer to help a friend who may need a meal due to unexpected hardship. She would fix it for their family if it were not needed and make another to replace it, if the need for the meal was there she would give it and make another to replace it - a great idea! - this is a great idea. I have seen also meatloaf and also meatballs done like this for freezer as well. - this could be helpful to spur on ideas. - if you don't use that brand bread crumb, make your own crumbs - can be made in minutes.

You could make your family favorite soups & put them in containers to freeze to put in your crockpot in the morning for supper.

There are other areas as well keeping your storage rotated, stocked goes hand in hand with this topic. It is good to have on hand for your own life’s little unexpected turns, if you haven’t had any you will. No one escapes it as it just is the way it is. You get a flat and need tires without warning, having storage is a way of smoothing the bumps of life.

On that note think of a frugal list ….. like were can I get used tires from? Where is the cheapest place to buy flour? Where can I best get used clothes and restyle them or mend them?

On this stream, those in Iowa and Minnesota should always have this number on the frig: 1-800-262-3804 - this is the extension help line the can answer about anything you throw at them from how to can green beans, what to substitute for eggs or anything else. If you are not in these areas check on your state extension services. taking care of what we have helps us get further down the road as well. - very good to know. this should help you get started.

Learning to sew may not be the thing you dreamed of all your life but it sure helps at home whether or not things are tight for you.

Learning skills and continuing to learn is so helpful. Teaching your children is golden too. Learn then teach if not have a blast learning together.

I have been trying to learn to weave rugs. The directions are so very old for my loom that as I am reading them it makes me have more questions not less. Either people were smarter in the early 1900’s or they learned it from their parents. Food for thought. What will you pass along that will help your children? So I push on learning the best I can folks. I did not learn any skills as a child, just learned simple crochet from my grandmother. So i have struggled to learn all the years since and it all has served me well and will into the future.

Keep working at your storage as you can look for sales. Last week was a sale on pasta. Should you buy just one or look at your food budget and grocery list to see if you need to stock up on pasta. You might forgo a meal that costs more to one that costs less and stock up.

Keep learning or brushing up on your skills!
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