Saturday, December 30, 2017

Toilet Paper Decorations

These decorations are super easy to make and turn out so cute. It's a great frugal way to make some holiday decorations and the kids can make their own too!

First step is to get your cookie mold wet.

Tear toilet paper into pieces.

Next, put toilet paper pieces into the mold a little bit at a time. Use a paintbrush dipped in water to wet the toilet paper, tapping it down as you go.

Once it is full, press your palm down on it and drain any water.

Then bake in the oven on the lowest temperature your oven will go, mine is 170 degrees. Let it bake for a few hours, testing it every now and then to see if the paper is dry. When done I used a paring knife to catch part underneath it will pop out.

These are how mine turned out. Fun!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Message

"Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through home production and storage, but others as well" (Ezra Taft Benson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1980, 48; or Ensign, Nov. 1980, 34).

We need to be mindful of the needs of others. There are so many people who are hurting and they do not share openly what hard times they are in. We don’t need to know what they are going through to help. Sometimes all we can do is smile but a smile goes a long way. - to give ideas - more inspiration - good ideas - this shows many things that could be done and get the whole family involved. - love this great for family.

Let us set a goal to be kind, not just now but all year long. - things to do with your family. - more family activities.

Try new things. I tried needle felting last year and made these cuties.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. - this a great list. I like the idea they have of spending time on your bellies using a nativity and acting out the story. What a great tradition this would make!

How about making a batch of bread dough and have the kids make the nativity and bake.

One year my grandmother with six kids could not afford Christmas. For Christmas Eve she gathered the children around the cook stove and opened the fire box where the bright coals were visible. They sat together in that dark kitchen and guessed what things they could see in the coals like we do with clouds and they all had a great time together…though this was during the depression someone knew of their hard times and the following day, Christmas day, people came with gifts and food. What a blessing for all.

I think the more you can do with the family the more you make a lifetime of memories.

Whip up some yummy julekaga this holiday season. Recipe HERE.

Remember to watch for sales and build your storage!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Message

“You do not need to go into debt to obtain a year’s supply. Plan to build up your food supply just as you would a savings account. Save a little for storage each paycheck. Can or bottle fruit and vegetables from your gardens and orchards. Learn how to preserve food through drying and possibly freezing. Make your storage a part of your budget. Store seeds and have sufficient tools on hand to do the job. If you are saving and planning for a second car or a television set or some item which merely adds to your comfort or pleasure, you may need to change your priorities. We urge you to do this prayerfully and do it now. I speak with a feeling of great urgency.” ~CR October 1980, Ensign 10 [November 1980]

Remember to stay within your budget. I know it is very hard but stay on target. this has some very great ideas. Great tips. - this is two pages, you need to click on the second page button but good ideas as well. - this has great ideas too.

I guess you can see a theme going on here frugal, frugal, frugal!!!

It is hard to change things if you have always done things a certain way. It is hard to change but if you make it fun and show excitement it is contagious. So don’t say bummer, we are going to have a bad Christmas this year…everyone will feel awful… instead, excitedly say that you are going to do something different this year. Have a homespun Christmas and say you are going to have sooooo much fun, that you are going to make gifts and you are going to keep what you make a huge secret till Christmas. Make popcorn balls and you can fill in anything to come up with but you can set the mood.  

I know when you have older kids it would be easier to talk to them about it being a harder time and have a jam session where they throw out ideas too. - I like the santa-tizer, too cute. There are tons of great ideas off to the right on this page. - great ideas I think there are so many ideas. - this would be great family fun making. My favorite is the hot cocoa mix bulbs. - okay, so this would be great for your used canning lids that won’t vacuum seal, isn’t it cute? I love the gingerbread man ornament.

Remember to do kind acts all year long.

I know you are all having busy times so I shortened it so you can get back to work.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Message

"I bear my humble witness to you that the great God of heaven will open doors and means in a way we never would have supposed to help all those who truly want to get their year’s supply." (Vaughn J. Featherstone)

With this wonderful quote it just makes you want to get to work on the storage.

I really want to stress again to live within your means. Stick to it, even with loud voices on every side saying to spend more than you have. Those voices are there all year but at this time of year it is fever pitch.

At the time of writing this we have 65 degree weather, sun shining and it is the day after Thanksgiving.

Now everyone will be trying to prepare for Christmas… - great ideas to do for others.

Look around you, there are things you can do to lift another. This is a hard time of year for so many.

We saw a family at Goodwill on Christmas Eve, the father handed the children twenty dollar bills and these children then roamed around the store and chose who they would give their twenty to, then did it and poof they were gone. How nice is that? So teach your kids how to help others. 

I was in a Walmart picking up cat litter and cat food and I noticed a couple around our age with flats of pineapple and other food too, but the flats caught my attention. I asked if pineapple was on sale. The woman said no, that they do this once a week for the pantry in their town. I said thank you for doing that. She said there were thirteen families in their small town and one family with eight kids. I said it isn’t always their fault. Later, I was next in line at check out and she saw me and said all they had gotten was less then fifty dollars. I said, see, they are getting blessed. She said we are all His hands and she is right. So look around you. Most people will never tell you how hard they have it… not because of pride but because they are doing the best they can.

Well I have a good start on the next weaving project learning more all the time.

Winter will soon be hear

Missy has been watching for it to come and says get your gloves mended soon.

Missy and Gus remind you to wear your hats!

Missy says no matter your tight times keep a stiff upper lip, find a warm spot, fix a cup of cocoa and read your family a candle in the forest - my favorite.

I know you are busy so this is short. Remember to help people in your path even if it is just a smile.

Do the best you can!
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