Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Message

With winter on the way now is the time to brush up on bread making skills. An electric knife is super helpful for getting thin slices. Scroll down to find out how to start baking bread.
With winter here already and promising to be bad this will have ideas to help when bad storms come.

This is a good time to review or learn bread making skills this takes you from beginning to end. My tip: you can make bread with a basic wooden spoon no need for anything fancy. snow days were our favorite days, try making these yum!

If times are tight or not for you here are great ideas  switch coffee for hot cocoas. I love hot cocoa as always, use things that apply. again switch to making hot cocoa mixes, I love what this lady has in her books, worth checking out of the library. great ideas.

These have many ideas but the best thing is have fun and make memories, they last for a very long time.

Our fortunes turn on a dime when we least expect it so learn well the skills that will help you through the tough tides of life. We can be always sad and down or we can choose not to be and help those around us by our being strong. Most of all don’t make yourself feel less then you are or that you must not have learned something that is not how it is. We are subject to life’s experiences. Most times we can help others get through because we have been there and can help them navigate. 

Keep working on your food storage build it when you can because it is hard to build it when you can’t.

Don’t go into debt. This time of year things tug at your heart but these ideas can be used in place of the credit card. We don’t have to get things now only to suffer hardship later.

Make sure you are set for any storm we get and be thankful we are not getting six feet of snow.

Make traditions..…  it takes not too much to make caramel corn and play a game, fun is as simple as that.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Scarf on the loom

In these pictures I have the scarf warped and ready to come off of the warping board. After tying it off I chain it up.
In the picture below you can see the chain. Because I'm doing the same pattern I'm using the tie-on method. You can see my first scarf on there in a different color ready to come off.
You can see a close up of where it's tied on. It was a touch and go most of the time - eek! Being my first time tying on it was a little scary.
Tada! It's on and ready to start. The old scarf is now completely off.
I'm using window blinds as spacers.
Now you can see the beginning of the scarf. So far I'm really happy and can't wait to see it finished!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reorganizing tatting basket

Recently I reorganized my tatting basket. It's now easier to take it along when I go up and down the stairs to work on a project.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Message

Handmade gifts make the best Christmas presents plus they're easier on the wallet! Check out how I made this Angry Birds set HERE. - this is a great idea though to read you will need to use your translator button but the page has great pictures you can figure them out. a good reminder - ideas for saving on groceries. - this has great ideas pick the ones that apply. - this has wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts. - good ideas. It is insane what they charge for late bills. - this will help with the rush rush of the season. - cute crocheted hat patterns. - a cute free scarf to crochet. - this is a free food storage book from Utah State University Extension. This is the best book I have seen in a long time. If you don’t look at anything else this is the best! - frugal gift ideas. - great ideas here for teacher and those we visit teach. - fun ideas, I love the fort kit. - great ideas where they apply.

Keep working on your storage. When you get time read the Utah State University Extension which I listed above.

Remember to find time for yourself during this busy season.

Keep up the good work and remember food storage makes a great gift!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The beginnings of my 2nd scarf

I'm working on the beginnings of a second scarf warping on the warping board. It was the first time I did it by myself, my sister helped me with the first. And it's a little scary :p The red thread dangling in the top left corner is used to help count.

You can see the different colors being added to the warp.

In the picture above you can tell I'm tying it off getting ready to braid it. 

I inserted my lease sticks and braided it. Now it's ready to put on the loom and become a scarf. Look for an update in another post coming soon.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Message

Having appliances already out and utensils ready to go saves time when working in the kitchen.
What if you had something change in your life where you had no funds for groceries? How long could you go on your storage? If you have storage, did you rotate it or is it not good any more? Food for thought. How long could you go? would the meals taste good? Or would your lack of storage make the suffering harder? Keep that in mind. I used to tell myself if I had no money what would I wish I had gotten and how would I feel if I would make a purchase that was not a need? Would I grow to hate the purchase? Stuff to think about.

I know I have had this up before but it has great ideas We should review it often to keep us on track. - this is some that is very helpful. Just yesterday I made Anadama bread and it was the same amount of work to do four loaves as it is to do two. And when I make cookies I double the batch so I can bake some and make cookie dough logs for the freezer. I will be able to make some when I am too busy or on a cold and snowy night. - the other day while making cookies, which pretty much ties you to the kitchen, I was thinking what would streamline this kitchen and I was able to rearrange my counters in a way that helps me so much more than it did. When I started making the cookies, I always have my appliances plugged in and ready to go, since I have Fibromyalgia conserving my energy is paramount. So when you see the pictures of my house you see all is out, my mixers, the wheat grinder, my sewing machines. I cannot pull things out everytime I need to use  them so you might check and see if that helps you. Yes my spaces are small but having to get them out and make room everytime I need to use is energy spent often at times I have already spent it.

Cooking from scratch takes time and must be planned for. Last week I gave you a site in how to make a binder with your recipes in. I went ahead and worked one up and so far it is the best way I have done so far with my working working recipes. I call it my working cookbook.

I have a section in front with important misc. In that section I have a chart for powdered milk measurements, spice mixes I always have to hunt down and use a lot, chart on cooking grains in pressure cooker, my favorite tortilla recipe…. things to save me from “THE DREADED SEARCH.” Then I put my favorite breads and rolls, then comes my breakfast recipes followed by main dish, then soups, salads and last desserts. You can set up yours to help you best.  Did it take time to do this? Yes it did, but it is invaluable to me. I have places that as I try new recipes and we like them I can add to it. Start by just adding your family favorites.

As I use this it will help me in meal prep. While putting finishing touches on supper I can be getting dry ingredients ready for morning muffins. If you have a meal plan you will see what you are having tomorrow and if you have need for onions or celery both days or even several days ahead you can cut them while cutting today's - saves time down the road. I tell myself I will thank myself later.

I store items to make things I use like taco mix.  This is the one I use…

Taco Seasoning

1 1/2 c. chili powder
1 c. paprika
7/8 c. cumin
1/2 c. onion powder
a bit less then 1/2 c. garlic powder
2 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 tsp. salt

I mix this together and store in a jar. I know you are looking at the amounts and having a melt down but this is a recipe we like, you can use it to taste or same amount as what is in a pkg from the store, about three tbsp roughly and add water as you would for that.

I store these ingredients in my storage and Ameraherb in Ames has the best bulk prices, for example a lb of chili powder is just a bit over three dollars… knowing what your family likes store the ingredients to make it. dry ranch dressing mix, I store all these ingredients.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

1/2 c. cinnamon
1/4 c. ginger
2 tbsp nutmeg
2 tbsp cloves

I mix these ingredients together and store in a jar.

Lately I used it here -  I shook them in this spice and sugar as well…they were yummy and cost way less then their counterpart.

Chocolate Souffle Mix

one chocolate cake mix
one angel food cake mix

Mix together and store in jar or container with a lid.

To make….

in a two cup microwave safe bowl put……

3/4 c. mix
3 tbsp water

Stir and microwave one minute only.

I will add chocolate chips any flavor, or nuts, or mint anything you want to stir in before you microwave. This is a fast dessert!

Keep working on your storage and living with in your means ……you're doing great!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Message

Keeping the skills you learn organized with binders! I have tatting notebooks, several on food storage, many on knitting and so on! - this will help you to remember why it is important to do storage. I love her site. You can also see a link to her files on the site or you can click here if you want to print them, be advised it fills a big binder but they are the best you will find on storage ever! - this would be great to have on hand. save your apple peels - you can make jelly from the juice as the Amish do or you can make this syrup as she does here. Waste nothing should be our motto! make your own rice roni mix which is cheaper then its counterpart. - make your own taco seasoning.

Remember you can get herbs and spices at the best price at Amrera Herb in Ames. You have to buy by the pound which if you are doing storage is no biggie. Cinnamon is like $3 something a lb, how much is it at the store?

It is no problem if you don’t live in Iowa the business is mail order. Just Google them and leave your name and address on their answering machine. Also, tell them you want their catalog and they will send one to you. a good thing to have a mix made up for.  this is great! I love this idea it was what I tried to tell you before.

These is her menus for November - she has good ideas.

Well I just picked a few things out of her blog that I think would be very useful. There are more on here, just look around.

Someone may have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit, just change it and make it work for you :)

Our lives get so very busy, too busy to try to find time even if it would help. I do understand. Many times I feel that way too even now when the kids are grown up. Each station in our life has new challenges. When we feel that way we need to ponder and analyze what is making us feel this way and what can I cut down on. Do a personal energy budget - we do not have endless amounts of energy!

Make a list on what would charge your tired batteries, then balance things out. It is no different then our budgets. I use binders a lot to organize things. They can be readily found at thrift stores and yard sales.

Keep learning, never stop!!  Keep working on storage building, using, and always rotate.

I am proud of you all working so hard to follow the Prophet! :)
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