Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Message

"Though you may feel that no one can understand the depth of your despair, our Savior, Jesus Christ, understands." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I know things are very hard right now, we just need to push on and keep staying the course. Just do the best we can.

Gus says he would gladly share his mouse with you.

I read how the mail delivery people needed masks so this is the mask I made for our mailman.

I have been busy making masks for donation to our hospitals. Our governor had requested all who could sew to make masks to donate to the medical facilities all over the state of Iowa. So far over 10,000 masks have been collectively made but way more are needed.

By now you are probably having to be creative with just about everything...

So I thought it would be a good idea to revisit bread-making.

This is the best recipe I use for bread-making from my friend Liza. See the whole cookbook here - for a whole bunch of different ways to use this recipe including cinnamon rolls and garlic knots and more!!

To make bread flour you use a tsp of vital wheat gluten per cup of all purpose flour, it's also the same for wheat flour.

If you do not have this you can use just flour. Now keep in mind wheat will be heavy without though, also you can use white and wheat together as well.

If you do not have a bread machine just do it by hand.

Having called in an order to be picked up at Walmart, I had an opportunity to look up several items. There is no flour, no yeast, no rice, and no toilet paper just to name a few...and what they did have of other items they limited them to two. This makes me wonder about families larger than ours, do they have to go more often? I do not know.

Plus, there is only so much money in bank accounts.

If you have wheat stored but no grinder...this is the best pancake recipe - - this is helpful if you do not have syrup. Remember, peanut butter, jams and jellies, butter with brown sugar sprinkled over top, are good options for toppings too. If you are low on bread, use leftover pancakes and just spread with peanut butter and then roll up. Try to make pancake shapes for the kids to make for fun for them. Also, let the littles help you mix them up. Try putting chocolate chips or raisins in or for eyes on pancake, bears, or smiley faces.

Also use powdered milk, mix it up and put it in the refrigerator for easy using. If you use powdered milk dry, add it to dry ingredients and water with liquids.

One other thing that I noticed that Walmart did not have was garden seed, I am hearing they are hard to find. So I gathered what I did have together and I was surprised to find I had more than I thought...

I forgot that I picked up some from the Dollar Tree before all this started, also I saved seed. So gather what seeds you have. I planted in the house in pots. I did tomato and peppers, both were nine years old. The tomatoes are doing good but the peppers did not so I planted them with the new seeds I forgot I had gotten.

Having done this, I thought I would go ahead and plant seeds that I usually just put in the ground. I had some little clay pots I had as a decoration and planted cucumbers and squash, etc. in them. I have some plastic cups I had from long ago from when our kids were visiting that I will save for when I need to thin the tomato plants. I will put a hole in the bottom and fill them with dirt and save the thinned plants.

This would be a good year to put seeds in the ground. We do not have a tiller but we have shovels and I will just do spots here and there, so just do what you can. I took out sprouting potatoes I hung onto with plans to plant, so go look at your potatoes and see if any are looking back at you, then plant them in the ground.

Our frost date here in Iowa is May 15, that is when we should plant outside but potatoes can go in now.

Take a look at what food you have then look for ways to stretch it.

Let's call or email our friends and family and seniors, think who could use a check up on and make it so. There is one thing not on the shortage list and that is love.

Missy says stay safe and stay well.

Peach Cobbler (but you could use any canned fruit)

Melt one stick of butter or margarine in a 9x13 pan in your preheating 350 degree oven, meanwhile in a bowl mix...
1 c. flour
1 c. sugar
1/8 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
In a measuring cup put three tbsp powdered milk and the juice of two reg size cans of peaches. Pour this into the dry ingredients, mix well and pour over that melted margarine or butter, then take the peaches and put them over the top. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and bake thirty minutes.


  1. I'm also hearing that seeds are hard to come by. Not sure if that's true in my area, as I, too, got some seeds before the lockdown and had some left over from previous years. Some seeds, like zucchini and squash, can be obtained from produce bought at the grocery store.

    1. Yes and I am using them too we all need to plant something even in a pot with all the meat packing plants stopping and now will be forced to stay open the people are scared to work in them and rightly so


  2. I had decided the masks I made last night were going to be the end since I'm running out of materials... elastic, cording and such. I actually crocheted the ties on the last masks I made out of dishcloth cotton! But then today, a patient asked me to sell her one. I refused, but I offered to bring one to her for free on Thursday. This is not something that I want to make money from. It's a way to spread the love of Jesus to others in need.

    Fortunately, we already had seeds, so we have lots of little plants growing in everything from clay pots to egg cartons.

    Well, enough for now. May you have a lovely week and enjoy each day.
    Laura of

    1. I too had the Lady who picked up the masks ask me if I would sell her one I said nope and gave it to her I feel the same as you

  3. Hey kitties! I love seeing them!

    I would encourage everyone who needs seeds to not assume they are not at the store because we went to Walmart looking for them and they had plenty of seeds for sale. We were able to get everything we needed and some to put away for later. What was not at Walmart was food and TP but all of our other stores are well stocked. I suspect that they do not have the personnel to restock the shelves because they obviously did not have enough people working to even get the carts in off the lot. Our Aldi was completely stocked last week except TP. We have neighbors with 5 kids and they have not had trouble keeping supplies stocked. They are constantly asking us if we need anything that they have which is a blessing just to know that they care. We shared TP with them when they ran out and could not find any at the stores. We are still very well stocked here and have been thinking outside the box and shopping at discount grocery stores here and they do have meat and really cheap. We bought 12 rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage for .99 each and ground pork for .75 a pound which can be used just like ground beef for many dishes. They were also well stocked with chicken and many other meats that were restaurant products like breaded chicken tenders and ground beef patties from McDonald's for $2.25 a pound for beautiful lean meat. They had 5 pound bags of irregular pieces of boneless chicken breasts for $5.99. I don't mind odd pieces of chicken. We are going to head out this morning to get yogurt since one of the stores has cases of 12 for $1 this week. I cannot make it for that and these are the expensive ones that are $2 each at the regular grocery store. For any one reading you may need to ask around to find these stores since we found them by word of mouth. I follow both of the stores on Facebook which allows me to see when they restock and when they get a Pepperidge Farm bread delivery which goes for $1 a package.

    1. Wow where do you live? I have seen that Walmart has gotten seed since but will not put in curb side pick up and no way am I going in. I actually found four more pkgs yesterday so you got really good deals good for you lots of meat packing plants stopped this last week president want to keep them going the people are scared and rightly so as so many got sickened....i put the kittens in for all of you as so many like them you missed some really good ones I tried to take but then they just do something else when I have camera ready

    2. We are in the upstate of SC. Actually in Walmart the nonfood part was all but deserted which surprised us. The food side was mobbed.

  4. I am sorry you got the horrible comment above. Someone is pretty sick.
    Well I thought it was just beautiful how you made the mailman a mask. So kind. There are so many opportunities to help and people seem to really appreciate it. It is great you have plenty of seed. Even here in Australia there are shortages also! xxx

    1. I so agree with you, Annabel. Wow! What this person does not realize right now is that old age comes to all of us and there is now way to avoid it. It is hard to imagine a person with this much hate in their soul. I am going to pray for who ever this is.

  5. Becky, your kitties are so sweet =^.^= I love all the masks you've made. I'll bet your postal person appreciates your thoughtfulness. I've learned so much from your blog but don't post because my MacBook doesn't seem to work here. So, I'm using my old iPad to get thru to you. Thank you for the wealth you f knowledge you share. Mary in SD

    1. Awww I love the kitty face you made thank you for your kind words


    1. It is cheaper to make bread at least for now but this week there was no bread at our Walmart of course there has not been yeast either so I am glad to be able to make bread I love the stuff you made on your blog you are very talented


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