Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Message - Bread!

Making bread warms up the whole house! Check out my favorite wheat bread recipe here.

Provident living:  Tuesday, Dec. 3rd at 9:30 a.m. will be a class on crochet. We will be making an ear warmer with a flower on it. You will need a crochet hook size H and some worsted weight yarn in your favorite color.

"As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year’s supply of necessities. . . . I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With the events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness. . . . Create a plan if you don't already have one, or update your present plan . . . We are not in a situation that requires panic buying, but we do need to be careful in purchasing and rotating the storage that we're putting away." (L. Tom Perry, in Conference Report, Oct. 1995, 47; or Ensign, Nov. 1995, 36).

This is a good time of year to stock up even if for a few months. Cranberries are something I stock up at this time of year. I freeze them and use them in scones and salads all year long.

Turkey is something I like to store this time of year as well, however, I was somewhat dismayed to see the prices not come down by much and limits placed on them.

I always make sure I have one untouchable turkey in the freezer. This one will be eaten for next Thanksgiving if we are unable to get a turkey. It has more to do with income than shortage and believe me it has served us well to do this!

Squash and potatoes are good to get some ahead and watch the sale flyers, sometimes a canned veggie or chicken stock or something like that goes on sale. Also, those fried french onion rings to make green bean casserole. I like to have one for next year in case I cannot afford to get one that year, I also use it in a veggie casserole.

So as you go to the store and you pick up one can of pumpkin, what will it hurt to get two or more?.. Or more than one package of cranberries? I think I have made my point! :)

So keep working on storage! 

This is a great time to work on your skills. Developing homemade bread from scratch even if you have a bread machine. I would love for everyone to know how to make it from scratch and have it be wonderful. Once you can do that then you can go to mixers and machines as long as no matter what, you know how to do it by hand... and teach the wee ones how to do it too! It may well benefit them wherever they go. - this shows some interesting lessons - this looked interesting - this is a very good bread and an easy method, the bread is more like what you get at the table of a restaurant but not like you would make for toast or such. - this is good to have in the morning - this one is excellent on showing how to knead. The only thing I do different is I do all the kneading and rising in the same bowl, you mix it in... keeps the mess to a minimum.

So give making bread a try during these cold months and it will warm up the whole house!

Keep working on stocking your storage. Remember - use it, replace it, plus one... a good system to remember on stocking your storage.

Keep up the great work I am proud of you all! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Organizing the sewing room

Re-organizing my sewing room was on the list of things I wanted done before winter. It took a lot of work, but I'm pretty happy with the result!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Message - Gifts from the Kitchen

Provident living: Class will be Tuesday the 19th at the Shooks at 9:30 a.m. The class will be on gifts from the kitchen. Bring ideas to share things given to you or that you have given.

"Acquire and store a reserve of food and supplies that will sustain life. ... As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year's supply of necessities.  I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel.  I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over.  With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness."  L. Tom Perry, "If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear," Ensign, Nov. 1995

Since many of you will not be at the class but want to know what we will be talking about I shall list some of the gifts from the kitchen for you to have some ideas....

Also, think about giving a roll of homemade cookie dough for the freezer, a slice and bake one of your favorite and the recipe to go with it. - can you see this with a candy cane sticking out of it? - You could put a little recipe book together and give a cup with one of the cakes in it! - they make those Andes mint chunks now for cookies that would be wonderful in these. - these would be pretty. - lots of neat things in   canning jars can be done. - this is so cute, but make sure your recipient sews... but what a cute thing! - more fantastic canning jar ideas.

Now I want you to remember your sisters you visit teach. I love visiting teaching and so I will put a few in here...

The last one there is, an all year thing it is always nice to find something to help with ideas.....

I tried to pick things that had a range of expense to fit into any budget,

This Monday message was all about Gifts from the Kitchen but I offer it as an alternate to over-spending on the frugal in what you do..

Keep working on your storage as you can. Look for sales!

I apply the "when you walk into any store get one item for storage" no matter how small, it helps to build the storage or divide a cost. I am trying to pick up two boxes of canning lids when I go into a store as they have gone up so much. So in order to be ready for next canning season, I do just two at a time and this way when canning season comes again I shall be set. It might have to be a yearly thing now to do so for me but there are times in the winter a meat might go on sale and so I will can some. So just apply that to your storage to get a little something every time even a box of salt or baking soda or jello... it does add and build your storage.

Remember to keep being frugal and live providently and not let the gift giving take over and own your budget.

I keep hearing great things on what you are doing with your storage and how wonderful you all are! I am proud to be in a ward where you all are such wonderful people doing great things and living the Gospel. Thanks!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Message

Dish towels are a great way to re-purpose those stained tablecloths that are lying around.

Provident living: our next class will be gifts from the kitchen at 9:30 a.m. at the Shooks. Bring any ideas to share that you have given or received....Nov. 19.

President Ezra Taft Benson - "Plan to build up your food supply just as you would a savings account... We urge you to do this prayerfully and do it now."

I have been thinking about this weeks message and as we are approaching a tight season of our year I thought of a few things... - this is a wonderful three part on your budget, I think anyone will find it helpful. lots of frugal ideas here. - scroll down, I like how she dried her apples. You can do this too down farther some fun ideas. - if you do not like rolling out pie crust or fussing with it... this looks like an easy alternative especially if you have your kids lined up to do several pies.

A note here I want to add... I know it is tempting to get mixes and frozen meals and all manner of convenience, we are soooooooooooo busy, I get it. But I have been thinking this week as I have been so busy I can hardly think... that I should not be so busy that I need to think of simpler times, how can I get my life into simpler times. For me, it is slow down hard to do, I am wired for high. I need to rethink what I do, I shall try to ease up a bit.

I worked so hard getting Christmas done that now I am set on fast, I need to slow. This is the time of year that I feel like I need to get my house better organized as I will be in it all winter long. Really what I am saying, it is more than knowing how to cook from scratch, it is a money saving thing as well. So rather than get a mix for muffins, get out a favorite recipe or email me for mine. Then before you go to bed put all the dry ingredients in the bowl and if you want a list and amounts of what wet things need to be added yet. So you do that and stir together, you still have saved time in your morning. Only now you also have cooked healthy, have used your storage to rotate and saved money now you are a frugal queen! If you look for ways to do that with all you do, I think you will find it is easy to save on this end. It may mean a bit more time in the kitchen but the savings are worth it. - this is a good way to do your apples. Keep in mind if you still have apples on grocery shopping day do this then get fresh ones. I have mentioned before, if I have celery and carrots left or even potatoes, I will dry them then. Get fresh, sometimes I use more sometimes less but what is left is still good, so I dry them. - make a plan and stick to it. Also I will add, have several things in the freezer that you had either leftovers i.e. huge pot of soup makes great freezer meals, so that when you have a day that is too busy for what you planned pull out the item from the freezer and have the meal you planned for tomorrow. - more frugal information.

Now this may all seem like work, but it does pay off. Living within your budget will give you no sleepless nights or worry wrinkles, how is that? Seriously, you will find a good peace from living within your means. - this is something with great information. Not everyone can be the same but we can learn from others and adapt things to fit our family.

Keep working on  your storage keep trying to live providently, you're doing fantastic!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Message

Each year when the snow falls, it's a family tradition that we read The Long Winter.
We have a class on starting a small business this Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at the Shook's.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie - "I stand before the Church this day and raise the warning voice. It is a prophetic voice, for I shall say only what the apostles and the prophets have spoken concerning our day. ...It is a voice calling upon the Lord's people to prepare for the troubles and desolations which are about to be poured upon the world without measure.

For the moment, we live in a day of peace and prosperity but it shall not ever be thus.

Great trials lie ahead. All of the sorrows and perils of the past are but a foretaste of what is yet to be. And we must prepare ourselves temporally and spiritually." General Conference April 1979. - she has tons of packed info on this site.

One thing that is on my mind is that if we come along a sale that is a good stocking item, that we let all the sisters know so that they can take advantage of the sale as well we are all in this together! Facebook is a great way to do this.

Remember that Christmas is just around the corner! If you are asked what you would like, remember things that will help you (i.e. canner, dehydrator, food saver things of that nature) I know probably other things you really want are in your mind but think long term.

A chill is in the air... time to check your smoke detectors and have extra batteries for it and flashlights, not to mention the need for batteries at Christmas... nothing comes with a battery it seems.

If your children grew, look around and pass to someone else their out-grown winter things, spread the blessings for sure!

As I reminded you, do not put off putting your winter kit in the cars and trucks.

Have a sick kit handy i.e. soda crackers, chicken soup, chocolate...especially the chocolate, it cures everything! :p 

There are days it is hard to make meals when you are sick. Along that line, keep a few casseroles in the freezer for your family or another that may need it.

Where are your snow shovels?'s time to locate them. It's also good to have ice melt on hand.

I also think it a good read and a tradition here to read The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is good to do as a family and it is something fun to look forward to each day to hear how they come out.  It will make you thankful for warm homes and food on the shelves. I usually wait till the first measureable snow storm. Now I read to me but the kids got all those stories read to them and what fun we had! By the way both kids are avid to those little ones, they grow up too fast!

If you have a kerosene lamp for decoration (I have lots) don't let them sit empty. Make sure they are full and you know where the matches are and your flashlights. We do tend to lose power in some storms.... emergency candles are good to have too but with all this care must be taken.

It is not too late to print off a list of cabin fever ideas or snow day ideas...

There are some ideas for just when that happens!

And do some things different than you normally would. One night the snow was falling straight down we took the kids on a walk, they loved it catching snowflakes on their tongues. It was a fun peaceful walk. We were the only ones. We walked in the street (you can do that in a little town) but it was unexpected, sometimes that makes things even more fun then planning for it. - time to mix up your hot cocoa mix  - breakfast ideas - what a fun idea for a snow day!

This had lots of helpful things for breakfast

On this idea I will tell you we have eggy waffles, it is just french toast cooked in a waffle iron. Made it a hit at our house but now it is some time for hearty breakfasts to hold through the cold mornings!

If you have an interest in a provident living topic and would like me to have a class on it email me at or grab me at church, I will try my best to get all the info needed and to present it.

Remember, continue to look for good bargains and gather in your will thank me later! ;)

I love hearing how you all are doing your storages and I am thrilled to know you all keep it up!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Homemade Christmas gifts for the grandkids

Using what I had on hand, I crocheted a Mario for our oldest grandson for Christmas and made doll clothes for the girls. I used velcro in the dresses and diapers so they are reversible. You can find the pattern for Mario here: 
And the pattern for the dresses and diapers here:

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