Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Message - Gifts from the Kitchen

Provident living: Class will be Tuesday the 19th at the Shooks at 9:30 a.m. The class will be on gifts from the kitchen. Bring ideas to share things given to you or that you have given.

"Acquire and store a reserve of food and supplies that will sustain life. ... As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year's supply of necessities.  I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel.  I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over.  With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness."  L. Tom Perry, "If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear," Ensign, Nov. 1995

Since many of you will not be at the class but want to know what we will be talking about I shall list some of the gifts from the kitchen for you to have some ideas....

Also, think about giving a roll of homemade cookie dough for the freezer, a slice and bake one of your favorite and the recipe to go with it. - can you see this with a candy cane sticking out of it? - You could put a little recipe book together and give a cup with one of the cakes in it! - they make those Andes mint chunks now for cookies that would be wonderful in these. - these would be pretty. - lots of neat things in   canning jars can be done. - this is so cute, but make sure your recipient sews... but what a cute thing! - more fantastic canning jar ideas.

Now I want you to remember your sisters you visit teach. I love visiting teaching and so I will put a few in here...

The last one there is, an all year thing it is always nice to find something to help with ideas.....

I tried to pick things that had a range of expense to fit into any budget,

This Monday message was all about Gifts from the Kitchen but I offer it as an alternate to over-spending on the frugal in what you do..

Keep working on your storage as you can. Look for sales!

I apply the "when you walk into any store get one item for storage" no matter how small, it helps to build the storage or divide a cost. I am trying to pick up two boxes of canning lids when I go into a store as they have gone up so much. So in order to be ready for next canning season, I do just two at a time and this way when canning season comes again I shall be set. It might have to be a yearly thing now to do so for me but there are times in the winter a meat might go on sale and so I will can some. So just apply that to your storage to get a little something every time even a box of salt or baking soda or jello... it does add and build your storage.

Remember to keep being frugal and live providently and not let the gift giving take over and own your budget.

I keep hearing great things on what you are doing with your storage and how wonderful you all are! I am proud to be in a ward where you all are such wonderful people doing great things and living the Gospel. Thanks!

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