Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Message

"I bear my humble witness to you that the great God of heaven will open doors and means in a way we never would have supposed to help all those who truly want to get their year’s supply." (Vaughn J. Featherstone)

With this wonderful quote it just makes you want to get to work on the storage.

I really want to stress again to live within your means. Stick to it, even with loud voices on every side saying to spend more than you have. Those voices are there all year but at this time of year it is fever pitch.

At the time of writing this we have 65 degree weather, sun shining and it is the day after Thanksgiving.

Now everyone will be trying to prepare for Christmas… - great ideas to do for others.

Look around you, there are things you can do to lift another. This is a hard time of year for so many.

We saw a family at Goodwill on Christmas Eve, the father handed the children twenty dollar bills and these children then roamed around the store and chose who they would give their twenty to, then did it and poof they were gone. How nice is that? So teach your kids how to help others. 

I was in a Walmart picking up cat litter and cat food and I noticed a couple around our age with flats of pineapple and other food too, but the flats caught my attention. I asked if pineapple was on sale. The woman said no, that they do this once a week for the pantry in their town. I said thank you for doing that. She said there were thirteen families in their small town and one family with eight kids. I said it isn’t always their fault. Later, I was next in line at check out and she saw me and said all they had gotten was less then fifty dollars. I said, see, they are getting blessed. She said we are all His hands and she is right. So look around you. Most people will never tell you how hard they have it… not because of pride but because they are doing the best they can.

Well I have a good start on the next weaving project learning more all the time.

Winter will soon be hear

Missy has been watching for it to come and says get your gloves mended soon.

Missy and Gus remind you to wear your hats!

Missy says no matter your tight times keep a stiff upper lip, find a warm spot, fix a cup of cocoa and read your family a candle in the forest - my favorite.

I know you are busy so this is short. Remember to help people in your path even if it is just a smile.

Do the best you can!


  1. Such a lovely post. We all need to look around and see who is in need.

    1. yes no shortage of need thank you for your comment

  2. Have just discovered your blog, and what a blessed treasure it is, praise God. x

    1. glad you found our blog enjoy lots of great info ideas and recipes

  3. Missy is full of information today! She's cute! Your weaving is really pretty; does it make your hands sore? Did you make the ornament in the first pic? I love the little sheep. I like the story about the kids handing out $20 bills... a great teaching moment for them, while blessing others!

    1. weaving doesn't make my hands hurt maybe because i do tatting and knitting weaving baskets and such...but weaving i step on a treadle which is like a pedal that raises certain threads then i just shove the shuttle thru. I have made these ornaments but that one my sister made using a big plastic ball i have things gathered to make a big one the pattern is on ravelry type in sheep ornament it is a free pattern the ones i made were reg ornament size.

  4. ilove your knitted ornament. you are amazing, love all you do.


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