Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Message

"Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through home production and storage, but others as well" (Ezra Taft Benson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1980, 48; or Ensign, Nov. 1980, 34).

We need to be mindful of the needs of others. There are so many people who are hurting and they do not share openly what hard times they are in. We don’t need to know what they are going through to help. Sometimes all we can do is smile but a smile goes a long way. - to give ideas - more inspiration - good ideas - this shows many things that could be done and get the whole family involved. - love this great for family.

Let us set a goal to be kind, not just now but all year long. - things to do with your family. - more family activities.

Try new things. I tried needle felting last year and made these cuties.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. - this a great list. I like the idea they have of spending time on your bellies using a nativity and acting out the story. What a great tradition this would make!

How about making a batch of bread dough and have the kids make the nativity and bake.

One year my grandmother with six kids could not afford Christmas. For Christmas Eve she gathered the children around the cook stove and opened the fire box where the bright coals were visible. They sat together in that dark kitchen and guessed what things they could see in the coals like we do with clouds and they all had a great time together…though this was during the depression someone knew of their hard times and the following day, Christmas day, people came with gifts and food. What a blessing for all.

I think the more you can do with the family the more you make a lifetime of memories.

Whip up some yummy julekaga this holiday season. Recipe HERE.

Remember to watch for sales and build your storage!


  1. Your posts are so inspiring. I really like the felted Santa's you made. It seems the ones who are truly in need, never let it be known. That was a sweet story about the mother and her children around the fire.

    1. yes we should look for those to help you are right they never say

  2. I love the story about the coals, such a gift you are to me.

    1. you are kind i really love my grandma she was my rock


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