Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Message - Budgeting

People are having to tighten their budgets in this ever-changing economy. So I will be talking some here about this topic. - will explain a basic budget to help you better understand how to make one and I put a plug in here to always pay your tithing first that helps things go further. - this gives you something to think about for sure.

Tracking your spending will help you a lot in finding the leaks.

A bit of retraining yourself might be needed to break some habits you might do without thinking… Like being too tired to cook so lets eat out - I suggest freezing several meals you and your family like for just that time (goes for being sick as well).

I had a friend who always would keep a meal in her freezer to help a friend who may need a meal due to unexpected hardship. She would fix it for their family if it were not needed and make another to replace it, if the need for the meal was there she would give it and make another to replace it - a great idea! - this is a great idea. I have seen also meatloaf and also meatballs done like this for freezer as well. - this could be helpful to spur on ideas. - if you don't use that brand bread crumb, make your own crumbs - can be made in minutes.

You could make your family favorite soups & put them in containers to freeze to put in your crockpot in the morning for supper.

There are other areas as well keeping your storage rotated, stocked goes hand in hand with this topic. It is good to have on hand for your own life’s little unexpected turns, if you haven’t had any you will. No one escapes it as it just is the way it is. You get a flat and need tires without warning, having storage is a way of smoothing the bumps of life.

On that note think of a frugal list ….. like were can I get used tires from? Where is the cheapest place to buy flour? Where can I best get used clothes and restyle them or mend them?

On this stream, those in Iowa and Minnesota should always have this number on the frig: 1-800-262-3804 - this is the extension help line the can answer about anything you throw at them from how to can green beans, what to substitute for eggs or anything else. If you are not in these areas check on your state extension services. taking care of what we have helps us get further down the road as well. - very good to know. this should help you get started.

Learning to sew may not be the thing you dreamed of all your life but it sure helps at home whether or not things are tight for you.

Learning skills and continuing to learn is so helpful. Teaching your children is golden too. Learn then teach if not have a blast learning together.

I have been trying to learn to weave rugs. The directions are so very old for my loom that as I am reading them it makes me have more questions not less. Either people were smarter in the early 1900’s or they learned it from their parents. Food for thought. What will you pass along that will help your children? So I push on learning the best I can folks. I did not learn any skills as a child, just learned simple crochet from my grandmother. So i have struggled to learn all the years since and it all has served me well and will into the future.

Keep working at your storage as you can look for sales. Last week was a sale on pasta. Should you buy just one or look at your food budget and grocery list to see if you need to stock up on pasta. You might forgo a meal that costs more to one that costs less and stock up.

Keep learning or brushing up on your skills!

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