Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Message

This week has been a busy week. We have almost finished rebuilding the front porch. 

We needed to take off the porch to fix a leak and that was done just before we got all those spring rains. Being frugal we used as much of the porch wood as we could. It has taken a lot in the hot weather. We only could work a few hours in the mornings. We are almost done, just a few pieces of trim and it will be totally done, harder for us old people to do but doing it ourselves and reusing what we could of the old porch meant saving on that repair.

A lot of what we think we cannot do is amazing when we find out we actually can do it.

I know health limits us and we had to take it slow but it does add up in the end we have a porch and no leaks.

Now that fall is here and we are on the throws of preserving our food my garden is starting to wind down. I am thinking that Christmas gifts need finishing and others started I find myself wishing I had started earlier.

Gift ideas… - this could be a great gift for teachers, anyone who has helped - you good for your visiting teachers. - here is a basic beginner knitted slipper pattern. Time to put skills to the test! this is a simple apron idea to use your sewing skill. - I have seen these done up with the cutest trims and backing. this you should easily be able to do, they are my favorite pot holder. - and do a scrubbie to match! make pillowcases  you can do this with your skills - this is my favorite dishcloth, not large just right! You can omit the stripe if you want.

These should give you some thrifty gift ideas to use your skills on.

One thing I think is neat is this site. You do not have to be a grandma to do this, you could do it for your child or if you are a teen you can start your own hope chest -  great ideas!

This is to encourage you to continue on learning skills that will benefit you and others as well.

Keep building your storage. Remember I told you how we built the front porch? You can build your storage a little at a time. It will get built up but only if you work on it a little at a time.


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