Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Message

Keep looking for ways to build your skills. - crocheting is a good skill to have.  this is a great beginning class for crocheting.

I was watching a sewing show on public television and on there she had a guest who helps a group that receives donated sewing machines notions and fabric. They go to where there are people too poor to have a sewing machine then teach them how to sew for their families and to mend. Then send them home with the machine and such so they can save money by sewing for their families. What a blessing for those families. Even if you don’t sew it still is a skill you should have in your pocket.

If you have a used or find a used machine do a search on name and model number, which should be on your machine (usually by the cord plug in).

Then I would go over the manual you printed, highlight important things you want to find fast again, even tag pages, then learn how to clean and oil your machine.

Then do some testing. If you have problems you cannot figure out, ask a sewing friend. If you need to take it in to be repaired this should still be cheaper then buying new.

Be sure to learn everything your machine will do. I do this by taking a plain color piece of fabric then I sew each stitch the machine does.

Then look at pattern books. I have kept the patterns I like as it has been years since I have liked the patterns for myself... too short, too tight, too something... but remember you pick your own style. You do not have to go with the masses. But if you like an aspect of current styles, if you know how to sew, you can easily add. But watch for fabric stores to put on sale the pattern about every three weeks or so. Look for more traditional, never go out to build your pattern library.

How I store my patterns is not the only way but it works well.

I take the pattern out of its envelope and put in a brown 5x7 envelope which I write child or adult. Then I write the pattern company and in the right hand top corner I write the number.

I file in numerical order, ignoring the pattern company - it is all about the numbers. The pattern envelope I put in a page protector and then in a notebook - I have one for adults and house and the other is babies and children. So that means two file drawers. So I know where to look kids or adults.

This makes it so you can take the notebook or the pages to go get fabric without taking the whole pattern to the store.

Of course when you go to yard sales look for large pieces of fabric. This really saves money, look again for more traditional fabrics not the flash in the pan meaning in style today/out of date tomorrow.

So push your self to learn :)

I know you all are working on your storage and skills - I see it all the time and I am proud of you all!

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