Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Message

Making your own yogurt is a great way to utilize the powdered milk in your food storage! -buckets are wonderful to store food in, just make sure they are food grade buckets. I usually ask at the bakeries if they have any buckets that way I know it is food grade. I then wash and thoroughly dry them before using and I put two bay leaves on top of things that could get bugs (that is your grains, flours, pasta... you get the picture). 

I put two in each bucket so I know what number of bay leaves I am looking for and I put them on top of the food in the bucket before placing the lid on. Then I mark what it is and the date, for example: "flour 14" - that tells me what is in it and what year it is. I have used flour five years-old that is just as good as year one. But the real secret is ROTATION - this is a must or it will go rancid! this is a fantastic resource for using powdered milk. - this is good to know how to do! this is a good site for lots of storage and frugal info.  make your own granola bars! She has a good view on storage ,wanting to use a recipe or changing a recipe to fit what you store, I do this too :) good to add to your binder. this is good to have on hand and rotate storage. - these are good to make or to know how to make. this is an example of someone’s food storage notebook. - this is a good one to know too. - the wheat ones make you think eeeew but they are the best ever!

So what I have done in this message is to inspire you to get your storage in and to share recipes that you can make out of your storage. Remember to rotate your storage & live frugally! You never know when you will have to and it will be harder if you are not used to it.

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