Friday, September 5, 2014

Progress on the loom

The loom that I got about eight years ago is called a Weaver's Delight. I've been restoring it and learning how to warp it ever since. The entire thing has been a learning adventure. It would have been beneficial to have seen something like this done but there really isn't anything out there that shows how. The first three pictures are of me wrapping the warp around the sectional beam.

Because I didn't have a spool holder which is necessary to wrap the beam, I figured out how to make one out of a TV tray holder. I drilled holes in it for dowel rods to go through and it now holds 24 spools. You can see the makeshift spool holder in the picture below in the bottom left corner.

Now that the thread has been wrapped around the sectional beam the warping begins! I had to tape each section to a dowel rod, 24 strings per section.

The string has to go through the heddles and then through the reed. I tied a knot at the bottom of every 12 strings so it wouldn't get pulled back in somehow.

In the picture below you can see what it looks like behind the harnesses.

This is a picture of the work in front with all of the strings through the heddles and the reed.

Big Bertha is now warped and ready to go! It took a hard time getting here but I think she looks beautiful and I can't wait to start making rugs with her!


  1. I wish I had a sectional beam on mine!

    1. The sectional is on the rug loom that I got at goodwill.


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