Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Message

Making your own croutons is a great way to use up some of that dried out bread. Check out more HERE
With grocery prices continually rising I thought I would find us some helpful info! - this has very good ideas though they mention homesteading. I think you can find extremely helpful info.  - very helpful ideas that can help you especially for when you're busy. - great ideas here too.

These are a great place to start, a very great selection!

Whenever you want to learn, do research, go to the library or you can search on internet.

I think the Tightwad Gazette is a great book to check out if you do not already have it. It's by Amy Dacyczyn, there are several volumes. I make a variation of her crouton recipe!

We need to keep working on skills... - this will help you learn how to make dishcloths. I only use knitted dishcloths, it is a great skill to have! here is one that is crocheted. scroll down, she has a wonderful way of teaching food storage. Put your feet up and enjoy!

I think on this message just read and study, even if you think you know everything you might be surprised what you can learn by taking time for yourself.

If you find someone that doesn't mind being a mentor ask questions!

I have totally learned to warp a rug loom by research and asking questions and dived right in. I believe you can find a way to teach yourself just about anything! It might take a little longer but it is free!

Keep working on your storage. Use what you learn in the first articles. Keep learning about what you can do to stretch the dollar.

i am proud of all you are doing prepare your families

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