Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making a Basket

I needed something to store my shuttles in for my Beka loom and this is what I came up with. Works perfectly!


  1. Hi Becky, I got your site from the weaving group that I just joined. You have a great idea here. Looks like you are quite a collector too. Loved looking at all your pictures. I am a weaver and also make artisen bread with the sour dough starter. I live in So Mo. but come from SE Iowa, in Van Buren Co. I see you are a fellow Iowan. I will join your blog group. Would love to see samples of your weaving. I have a weaving/book site I can share too

    1. I am more of a beginner then you are at weaving. My sister gave me the beka loom for my b-day and then gave the stand to me. I have it covered with a towel, makes it look like I did it but it is just keeping things off my weaving. What I am working on as my FIRST project on it is going to be dish towels and I am just learning so they will be weird for sure.

      Across the room from it is a weaver's delight that I am in process of restoring and hoping to soon be brave enough to warp it up (I am a chicken).

      Thanks for your comments, you might also like looking around on my website. I have lots of recipes on there.

  2. We all started out as beginners. Just get a good SIMPLE book and follow it. A fellow weaver can give you tips. I would just warp a small amount that is easy to handle, even if it is only 10 inches wide. Actually I like making 4 in wide little denim mug rugs. I find if I rip the denim in narrow strips about 3/4 in wide, pull the ravels off and it weaves up so pretty. Maybe you saw some on my blog. But you can use your fingers on these little guys and they go fast. I just love using denim and old sweaters. will check out your website. Have you ever been to Van Buren County?? Google it and you will find some great places to visit. Course I am partial to the area. DC


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