Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Message

Provident Living: April 8th at 9:30 at the Shook's, the class will be on convenience in the kitchen. As I have prepared this, I am using some of the techniques and loving them!

“The revelation to store food may be as essential to our temporal salvation today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah.” Ezra Taft Benson – Prepare Ye – Ensign, Jan. 1974, 69

As we are surrounded by white stuff, be thinking of what you want in your gardens. It's not too soon to start planning it out.  okay, this is fun! Click on the down arrow and go to vegetables and you can plan your garden with clicks! I like it :)

Something I ran into this week in my search is this...  I think if you have never made bread this would be a jumping off point and if you do know how, this is artisan bread and looks so easy  Bread is fun for kids to assist but great for the family budget. Learning to make bread essential skill this will show how to do regular bread by hand. good on bread/rolls  time to think Easter! Think frugal and fun with the Easter Bunny, maybe before Sunday so that the true meaning of Easter can be on Sunday.  Time to sew those Easter dresses to improve your sewing skills! - would be cute over a t-shirt - a skirt for you to make for yourself or older girls something for the little guys for Easter as well!

These are things that will put your sewing skills to use and help to keep your skills up! a great idea for storing your scarves since we will be working on convenience in the kitchen in our next class, a few mix ideas here are in order.  more mixes

I make mixes to save myself time and money, both very hard and rare for me to find.  okay, I am so partial to this blog.. I love the Iowa housewife blog it is so neat! I love this part of it that talks on mixes. I think this is the best site and have referred you to it before but here it is again pancakes - I love them any way they are fixed!  now remember we have Ameriherb in Ames and nothing beats their prices for spices and herbs. Cinnamon, for example, is just over three dollars for a pound - a pound fills a quart jar almost full. these would be a real help

This should give you plenty to think about this week! Keep working on your storage.

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