Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Message

Learning to can meat like the chicken in the picture is a great skill to learn so you can build your food storage.

"Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through home production and storage, but others as well" (Ezra Taft Benson, in Conference Report, Oct. 1980, 48; or Ensign, Nov. 1980, 34). 

With droughts and earthquakes that are in the news of late, have you thought it could be you going through that trial? What if you were in California and you had to ration water, how would you manage? How would you cope? What if your livelihood was at risk, what would you do? How could you grow a garden under those conditions? Can you learn from the past and what you hear others are doing? What if everyone near you lost everything, how many could you help with the storage you have right now? We can’t be too helpful if we did not heed wise counsel from the Prophet. Now just think if you had heeded you could go give aid instead of waiting for aid. Just something to think about.

Once there was a bad ice storm in Canada, when it was over and utilities were restored people wrote of their trials and what they had learned. I read, taking notes, they had to stretch what food they had not knowing when they could get more, the same with water and what about heat? Most places north have a wood heat source but when wood started to run low they would have to get some branches that were snapping and falling all around them but could kill if you were out. 

They would go out and start the car to hear any news of when the power would be restored. At night they needed a source of light. One lady wrote she would light candles in jars to put in the bathroom as she had little boys and she wanted them to see. She said after two weeks the thing that was driving her the most crazy was not being able to vacuum.  She said it was pretty bad with dragging in wood and such. I remembered what they had said thinking what would I do if it were me? That summer I happened on a yardsale and stopped. There was a carpet sweeper for 75 cents well I bought it without thinking twice as I remembered what the one lady said that bothered her the most.

We may not know how to prepare for everything that can happen but we need to do the best we can. - this will be helpful in getting you started on food storage.

After nine months of living on your storage what do you think you would have wished you had put in your storage?

Life is busy that is true but if suddenly you found out your income has come to a sudden and unexpected stop the grocery list you already made ready that now you cannot use... this always seems to be at the rottenest time. Then what would would you do if you could go ahead and get groceries? How would you shop differently? I have had to do this and my list totally switched. Instead of sugar cereal I got oatmeal, instead of fast foods I got food that could be made into many meals. It changes your whole way of thinking.

You never blame each other, this rips at the family. What you do is circle the wagons, work together. Assess skills, talents, assets... yes things will be hard. You will feel like nothing will ever get better. You will feel very alone. This is what Satan wants so be upbeat for the kids. Bake my chocolate cake, play fun games together, pray together.

So before this happens learn the skills that will bless your family and make a bad time not so bad brush up on or learn to garden before you need desperately to garden. learn to make things you would normally buy. make your own noodles and save money... I have tiny Noah’s ark and animals wouldn't that be fun for family night to do chicken soup and these could be the animal noodles? - this is good to know how to make in time of stress. this is kind of an overview of grinding wheat. I remind you that a wheat grinder can be checked out from the Ankeny ward's building just check it out from the Relief Society presidents. basic sewing project. this is very helpful to be able to make your own. A few minutes helps you not to have to go to store kids in tow, saves money and is better for you. - helpful to plan and stay in budget too. this helps with busy times and saves from eating out.

Canning - now is the time if you do not know how then learn. Because after living nine months so far on our storage I am thankful I learned to can and worked hard canning meat, fruit and vegetables. Knowing how to can meat is the big difference and I will tell you it is easier to can than vegetables. I have chicken, hamburger, roast, pork and turkey. So look for a pressure canner, dehydrators, food savers... things that will help you be frugal and be an asset to your storage.

Look for them on sale but prices at yard sales are better. No pressure canners grow old but keep working with a little up keep so don’t let that steer you away! Sister Dewitt uses several that are like 75 years old. Dehydrators and vacuum sealers - simply plug them in at the yard sale and if they are clanking its not a good deal. For a food sealer you need to push down on the lid to make it work. So as the season of yard sales is upon us make a list so you are not led astray. Also be on the look out for canning jars and as you pick up groceries pick up a few packs of canning lids each time. Also water bath canners for doing pickles, fruit and tomatoes, jams and jellies too.

Do the best you can and work on your storage and supplies.


  1. Thanks for your posts. As a result of last weeks posts, I now have my 72 hour kits updated.


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