Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Organizing the Stamp Room/Sewing Space

I decided I needed a sewing space upstairs so I consolidated my stamp area to make room for one. The first few pictures are of my stamp room desk and decorative edge scissors.

I keep my wood-mounted stamps in a map drawer (pictured below).

You can see here how they are stored in the drawers.

I have organized my embossing folders on a rolodex.

The card labeled #1 on the rolodex matches the #1 embossing folder in the storage container. Each folder is numbered and matches the corresponding card in the rolodex.

Often I don't sleep well at night so I decided to put a sewing space in the stamp room which is upstairs next to our bedroom. A lot of our mending needs are up there so it works out well.

All this fabric was gifted to me by Sister Diane Miller. 

This beauty (pictured below) is my absolute favorite older sewing machine. I got it for free and is still in working condition.

This serger was $10 at a yard sale.

I converted this older dresser to a cutting and pressing station. The beautiful beehive quilt was gifted to me by Donna Jo Smith.

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