Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Message

"Preparedness, when properly pursued, is a way of life, not a sudden, spectacular program. We could refer to all the components of personal and family preparedness, not in relation to holocaust or disaster, but in cultivating a life-style that is on a day-to-day basis its own reward.” (President Spencer W. Kimball)

A way of life… if you have always eaten what you stored and stored what you have always eaten, you would be able to handle life’s down-turns a little better.

As we look all around us, hard things are happening. We need to be prepared so we can help others. And there is no shortage of need.

How many weeks could you go without going to the store if you have not had to do this? You are blessed but you should take a little survey of what you have and how long can you go. I want you to do it this way rather than actually test it because I want you to keep building your storage.

Ask yourself what would you do after you used up your milk and could not get any, what would you do? Do you have cans of milk? Do you have shelf stable milk? Most of all, do you have powdered milk? What would you do?

I make my yogurt with powdered milk.

What about no eggs?? It happens. I had a friend who emailed me that she was sad she could not make her husband a cake for his birthday as she had no eggs. I wrote back and said that I could help even though we were states apart. I am sure she thought, how?? I told her how to make cake using an egg substitute. There are several out there. I gave her the info and she was able to make her cake. What would you do? Did you even know you could do that? - I encourage you to print this info and put it in your binder because you can’t always trust that you can get on your computer. And on that note, if you use all your recipes by getting on the computer you need to have hard copies. Always have a hard copy.

So take a measure of what you have and how long will it last your family.

The disasters that happen affects us all.

How are you doing on your storage building? 

The reason I press you into cooking from scratch isn’t only because it is healthy for you but that storing the ingredients is easier. Like I can store the ingredients to make hamburger helper type meals easily but once I stored the packages they were on sale but a year later they all tasted so salty we had to toss them. So it is not cheaper to go that route. - if I give you any helpful info, this is huge. I have this copied off and use it. So much easier, cheaper, and healthier… a side note, there is that powdered milk thing again, perhaps it is important after all. - this is soooo helpful, I put this in several times. I have it printed and keep it with the hamburger helper site above. I keep this mix made up. Goodness me, again with the powdered milk! If you don’t have it in storage, work on getting it. If you have it but do not use it, get it out and start using it. How many times do you reach for milk for a recipe? What if you used powdered milk and saved your milk for drinking and the other for baking? I think that would save you money. If you say eeeeww, I am telling you that I can make homemade puddings, custards, tapioca, and more! Yes, we use our powdered milk. Your family will not notice a difference. You can try it the next time you make pancakes and I bet they will not notice the difference. If you say you are going to and make it sound awful then they won’t try. So see for yourself. - making your own mixes is cheaper plus so handy to have on hand.

These are simply regular recipes that I put dry ingredients together in a jar for convenience if I am making the recipe anyway it is easy to do a few ahead like this.

I try to keep bread mixes ahead for easy fixes. 

Please heed the words of those who know and get your storage built up.

Do the best you can!


  1. Even though I seem to always have a few things on my "next" grocery list, I think our supplies are stocked well enough we could easily eat for a couple of months if the the need arose.
    I'm positive that as far as household non-edibles, we could make it about a year without buying anymore.
    Thank you for all your wise advice

    1. that is great you are a good example i wrote this post before Irma was a thing i pray for them all.

  2. Hi Becky! I think hamburger helper is too salty too! I make hamburger dishes by throwing this and that together, but don't have any mixes made ahead of time. I need to try the powdered milk.

    1. i don't like them since they all have that big pasta in them i use none instant powdered milk bought thru the lds home storage center you can google it. I like to have these mixes ahead as i have fibromyalgia and some days i just hurt to much so this helps me on those days.

    2. Yesterday would have been a perfect day for me to have some mixes available. I had two doctors appts and had my eyes dilated for the eye exam. I did not want to cook, so we had bacon and egg sandwiches last night.

    3. that sounds good tho too but yes it is helpful to have on hand

  3. great site - thanks for all the good info!

    one tip: whenever you have shelves with lovely jars & goodies etc on them, put something up to secure them in an earthquake - such as cargo netting, mesh fabric, string/rope - get creative. you can get hikers elastic "shock cord" or sewing waistband elastic, plus carabiners and screw-in eye hooks for a quick-access option. get creative, use your own inspiration. an ounce of prevention here will save tons when shake/rattle/and roll happens! You can listen to Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole lotta shakin goin on" as your theme song for this important project. Keep it steady!

    1. yes read this comment on how to protect your jars of food we don't get them here but you never know so i have my jars on lowest shelving which is four inches but even that could be a problem i saw some one beside build a rail they put a rubber band around each jar so they don't clink and break. and we have felt a couple quakes but only like motion sickness which believe me is horrid but just because we never doesn't mean we won't being prepared for everything...great comment!!!!


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