Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chicken Pincushion Tutorial

First find an empty wooden spool but it doesn’t have to be empty it could have thread for mending but mine is empty.

Next is the pattern I made. I put measuring for you to follow but really this is primitive.

Then I used felt for the first one but I am using wool in this next one. I then cut out two.

Here are the things I need to finish …… buttons for the eyes, my spool, some black floss, stuffing, strips of felt to use for a tail, beak, and comb. I sewed the body using green so you could see.

I machine stitch around all but the bottom between 1/8 to ¼ inch from the edge, with the fabric face to face. Once sewn, I clip the curves.

Next turn body right side out and stuff.

Next we will do a running stitch around the bottom. I use big stitches about ¼ inch up from the bottom.

I divide the floss in half so that I have three strands and thread needle.

Do not clip the thread. Now we put the top end of the spool in and we will pull to gather the thread. Then we wrap the thread around the outside and tie it off.

Next we make kind of a willy nilly loop for the tail feathers and combs. Add a folded tiny diamond shape for the beak and attach it on top part of the red loop under the beak.

Then sew the eyes on.

One more primitive thing I do is sew a horizontal stitching like so all around the seam.

The size of the spool will determine the height.


  1. Darling I am going to make one for my daughter

    1. i think it was easy but looks great she will love it

  2. This is adorable!! I love the rustic look of your chicken and I think I have a few wooden spools and some wool handy!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. i am glad you like it really any fabric would work


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