Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Message

Missy asks what did you do during the polar vortex? Did you have enough gibble?

"The best place to have some food set aside is within our homes...

"We can begin ever so modestly. We can begin with a one week's food supply and gradually build it to a month, and then to three months. . . . I fear that so many feel that a long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all.

"Begin in a small way, . . . and gradually build toward a reasonable objective." (Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, Oct 2002 and quoted again in April 2007)

I feel like this is the way to get our storage in little by little. It doesn't wreck the budget and is the most painless way, same can be said for our skill building.

A lot of us were affected by the polar vortex and spent a lot of time inside. Those who experienced it, did you see areas to improve on anything? Like having things you needed on hand so there were no dangerous trips to stores? 

It sure made me grateful that neither of us had to go out for anything.

There are many unseen things just waiting around the corner, it really is best to be out front of them.

Did you run out of anything? Milk? Toilet paper?

It is always good to reflect on our progress. Take notes on what to improve. 

Think about things that you might have needed...

Oil lamps have helped us through many a storm. Remember to  store oil for them too and matches. I have oil in most of my lamps.

At least have some emergency candles.

How would you cook? We can use our stove top when the power goes off. Lots of things can be made on the stove top.

Heat is a scary thing to be without. For us we have a gas fireplace that we can use if the power is out.

If it is really bad we could fire up this stove...

Do you own a manual can opener?? If not, how would you open cans if you had no power? We have a p38, actually quite a few truth be told. That is the only way I open cans here.

Don't forget about water in case your pipes freeze or a water main breaks. Frozen water pipes happened a lot to us and so we have had to live and learn. There was one time we had a water main break  and we had water stored and was able to wash our hair and get ready for church because we had water stored.

How are you coming along on your skill building?

I worked on a sweater during time inside this last bit. - here is a basic first knitting project with instructions on how to knit it.

Share with us what you are learning.


  1. Sweet pretty missy:). That's the only kind of can opener I use too. Seems like other kinds quit working.

  2. We did just fine during the Polar Vortex! Our car battery froze, so we were at home, but I was perfectly fine with that! Only rarely do I ever run out of things; I make it a point to stay well-stocked at all times so I can stay at home and be lazy. ;) (Lazy, of course, doing the things I like to do at home, like cooking dinner, reading my book, or working on a project, and definitely NOT having to make extra trips to the store!)

    I always use manual can openers. Electric are nice for the folks who need them due to arthritis or a missing limb; I just don't have enough outlets in the kitchen to have one!

    1. exactly I don't have the counter space I know in time I will need an elec but for now I use these. I too like a good snow in but lately it is like way too often

  3. don't forget wicks for your oil lamps. like your website!
    Barb in PA

    1. yes definitely have those on hand I got a good buy on them once and stocked up I keep them in a jelly jar...thanks for adding that Barb

  4. All great advice. I have been filling up my empty canning jars with water for extra water storage. I have about 50 of them filled. I keep doing a few everyday. If I don't use them for an emergency, I can use them on plants of to fill up my canner next time I use those jars. They were taking up shelf space empty, might as well use them.

    I got 19 Christmas pump soaps. 0 were free the other ten cost me 27¢ each. I used coupons to bring the price down. We are good on soap for a while.

    1. Great idea for water storage. I just might steal it.

    2. that is a great buy on the soap yeay and yes store water good job

  5. I haven't owned an electric can opener since hubby cut his hand , trying to get a lid off. I much prefer a manual that cuts from the outer edge. I guess we need to better stock up on dog food. Seems we are always running for more food. They can certainly eat table food, but it might do a number on their bellies. 😊

    1. I have one of those can openers great for gifts I cut the bottom of a pineapple can with that one take out fruit and use it wash and dry can and the bottom then put Easter grass and fun items the glue the bottom back on and do a label that covers the can they have to open to get to gift and can't figure out how you did it.

  6. I'm a bit low on towels and washcloths. I've noticed that I've used a lot more this past week taking care of Hubs. Also rolled towels are easier to work with in making him comfortable than pillows or blankets. So I plan to build up my towel supply.
    When I had some time I made a big pot of chili and a big pot of stew for easy meals. Thankfully I haven't needed to go to the stores for anything.
    By the way Missy is a beautiful kitty.

    1. if you just buy towels you can cut up and use the ones you have for wash cloths yummmm I love chili I sure am tired of snow storms


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