Monday, November 4, 2019

Monday Message

"Our Heavenly Father created this beautiful earth, with all its abundance, for our benefit and use. His purpose is to provide for our needs as we walk in faith and obedience. He has lovingly commanded us to ‘prepare every needful thing’ (see D&C 109:8) so that, should adversity come, we may care for ourselves and our neighbors, and support bishops as they care for others." (All is Safely Gathered In pamphlet)

I have talked before about preparing every needful thing. We should try to work on this everyday even if it is a little each day. We can learn if nothing more. - I keep this mix on hand all the time, she has fantastic info. - this gives you ideas for oatmeal. - she has many great things here you can use for gift giving. - As long as we are talking oatmeal.

Oatmeal is a great thing to always have on hand so plan to put some in your storage. - I think this would be fantastic, I really love mug recipes.

As you know I am all about learning skills... - this will help you learn a basic scarf. You can just knit every row till it is as long as you like. You can look back over knitting sites in the blog. There is a fantastic site that gives you lessons on doing a child's sweater, would be easier to make a child's first then go up in size. - here is a basic pattern for dishcloths. The one in the picture is the no holes version. You can use straight needles to learn on. I am using circular needles here. Beginners start with straight needles, shorter ones are best.

In the basket, yes, I made the basket I forget to say that, but in the basket are my leftover cotton yarn from making dishcloths.

I am using up these leftovers. The one pictured I am using two alternating colors giving me a striped look.  - she is an excellent teacher and she will tell you every step of the way what you need to get started and then goes through it all the way to finished. I think this would be excellent. You can go at your own pace. Purchase cheap yarn to learn on to keep your cost down, plus the classes are free. 

Free is always my price, I can't afford any other.

These are a few to get you started. If you are rusty at any of these now is a good time to refresh that skill...

Cooking from scratch
Sewing and mending
Learning how to make do
Vacuum sealing

If there are any skills you are wanting to learn comment below and I can cover them in future blogs.

I think this is important enough to link again...  

Look for a used bread machine. If you cannot find one, you can do this recipe by hand. It is from way before anyone ever invented bread machines but keep your eye out at thrift stores as they make your life easier.   

While it mixes and rises in the machine, I can run errands or do other things. I don't care for bread baked in the bread machine so I put it on the dough setting so I can take the dough out and do any of the things in Liza's book she shared in THIS POST, scroll down to the turquoise cover, all her pages are there.

I will remind you that you do not need to use bread flour, you can make your own. Use one tsp of vital wheat gluten to one cup of regular flour and in this case the recipe calls for three cups flour so I add three tsp of vital wheat gluten.

Look for it at your health food stores or get it online. They no longer carry it at the Walmart by me or by my daughters' area which was Alabama and Florida, I checked when I was there.

I vacuum seal mine and keep a year's supply on hand at all times.

Here is a LINK to my post on step by step vacuum sealing.

If you find it in box form it has a bag inside. I poke a pin hole in the bag and stick bag and all in a wide mouth quart jar and vacuum seal.

I have gotten mine in bulk of late and fill my jar. I cut a paper towel, a coffee filter works too they work for many things, but I cut it the same size as the lid. I put this in on top of any powdery thing I vacuum seal then wipe the rim then put on the lid and ring and vacuum seal. I use the canister method but any way you do it works. The reason for putting this on top of the powder is to keep the particles from going into the sealer and killing it.

When I go to use it I keep my using jar in the refrigerator.

I keep my yeast in the freezer, except my using jar I keep in refrigerator as well.

So let me know what skill you want to learn in the comments below and keep working on your storage and keep rotating. While food lasts longer than the date in most cases, it won't last forever so keep it rotated.


  1. Last Week I found a Food Saver new in the box for $2 at a thrift store so I get to learn that next. I am excited at to think of all the possibilities. I am really a complete failure at anything having to do with yarn. I have tried for 50 years to master knitting and crocheting and finally had to just let it go.

    1. Great buy on the vac sealer you will love it. Don't give up on yarn yet this time might be the one

  2. I went to your post on the Food Saver and I am still confused about the black canister that you are using to seal any jar. The unit I found last week did come with a large clear canister that can be vacuum sealed but I have looked all over for one that fits the description of the black canister you have and cannot find one. I also do not really understand how that works. I understand the round white lids that go over the top of the canning jar but that is different since you do not use a band. Are you using that white lid on top of the black canister? I am thinking they do not make the black canister anymore. I cannot find it on the Food Saver site either.

    1. how tall is your clear one don't search for the black one it was a Mr Coffee brand a dear friend got me it is just the one I am using in the picture I have a seal a meal one too it works just as good. I do have the white jar top but if using a canister you don't need them as the hose will fit in machine and in lid of canister see if you can get a at jar in the canister and be able to put the lid fully on it if not try a pint the color of canister not important if you need a taller canister go to seal a meal and get their tallest one. So let's walk thru doing a jar either canning jar or smucker jelly jar and lid as an example fill your jar with chocolate chips then wipe the rim with your finger to be sure some crumb of chocolate isn't on it then put on the lid if it is the store bought jelly jar tighten it then untighten it just a tad and if canning jar put on lid and band same thing tighten then untighten just a bit put the jar in the canister put on lid and hose to machine and to canister is in place see if there is a canister button the black one I have has a handle to the right of it it won't work unless it is locked down but here is my email feel free to email me any ?'s you can send me a pic of it or one on line I can help more they each are so different then when machine is done depending on machine I have that handle to unlock and I have to poke down that button on top of the canister before it lets you open it once open take out your jar and at that point if sealed I tighten it again label and date some canning jars are naughty and I have to try again and every now and again I can't get one to work at all mostly the square ones then I just switch jars and try again good luck

    2. Thank you so much for the explanation! You cleared up a lot of my confusion. I will give that a try.

  3. Dear Becky,

    I just love your blog! Your home is so cozy and I love your gray cat! Thank you for all the tips you give us, I am 66 years old and still learning things! God bless you Becky.

    1. I am soon to be 64 in January both my cats are gray guys is the light colored one and Missy is darker I am glad you like the blog I am glad you are here


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