Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday Message

"Our Heavenly Father created this beautiful earth, with all its abundance, for our benefit and use. His purpose is to provide for our needs as we walk in faith and obedience. He has lovingly commanded us to ‘prepare every needful thing’ (see D&C 109:8) so that, should adversity come, we may care for ourselves and our neighbors, and support bishops as they care for others." (All is Safely Gathered In pamphlet)

We can see all the changes and the virus is climbing rapidly, we need to be responsible...wear masks for others, we can all be heroes by wearing masks! Doctors are saying the worst is yet to come. We need to do our part, it isn't about rights...we all can work together as humans, is that a worthy thing? Yes, it is!

Look to our history. People worked together, sacrificed together, it is what we do, we help each other. We are all God's children. We need to be loving and kind to each other and set examples, it is the right thing to do.

This is the first of twelve. I now have set up for the second one. This was a lot of learning and patience and pain. I pushed on and I am glad I made it through the first one. This was a free online class my sister and I are taking. You saw the supervisors in the last post. If you missed it here is the top supervisor inspecting my treadle tie ups...

We need to be working on preparing for a hard long winter with the virus.

What things are you doing to be prepared? - make a list of fun activities you and your family can do.

There isn't a kid alive who wouldn't want to put on a play for a captive audience. - I am not a drinker so I would not be interested in that part however, I am a hot cocoa drinker and it would be fun to see how many flavors one could come up with. - helpful ideas - people have great ideas. - more ideas - more ideas - more ideas - lots of ideas

When things are hard and you feel overwhelmed, it is a good thing to start new traditions. it will help make different not so scary.

Gus says it is very important to stay safe.

Missy says, the end!


  1. Your weaving is beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

    1. Thank you and you have a great Thanksgiving as well

  2. Thank you for another wonderful post. We need to be reminded to be frugal and to always care about others and help them whenever we have a chance. Liza

  3. Thank you for your posts each week, they are a blessing to us all.
    I share your post each week in a private group, they love you!

    1. Well thank you and I love you and group too


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