Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday Message

"Those families will be fortunate who, in the last days, have an adequate supply of food because of their foresight and ability to produce their own." (Ezra Taft Benson)

I feel we need to be building our skills now more than ever. I have been wanting to get more skills and build on the ones I already have.

I am trying to learn more of sourdough. This is a group of many doing sourdough and the links to follow along.

2leelou Creates -

9 Acre Family Farms -

A Good Life Farm -

Alderman Farms -

Bacon Grease Goddess -

Becoming A Farm Girl -

Fermented Homestead -

Freedom Homestead -

Good Times Homestead W/ Jen & Steve -

Hamakua Homestead -

Heather Cooan -

Hidden Oaks Homestead -

Lorella - Plan Bee Orchard and Farm -

Mennonite Farmhouse -

Morris Patch Of Heaven -

MyTableofThree -

Pursuing Gut Health -

I have been learning from each of these.

Something else I have been learning more of is trying to perfect a pattern.

The top was a test, I had altered it to fit better. It has been a learning experience for sure.

I have my next fabric ready to cut out.

I don't have a lot of stretch fabrics but some scraps so will see what I come up with. I am trying to build my sewing skills.

I also am always searching for more budget friendly recipes and building up my files.

What things have you been working on? I have been trying to learn beading here...    

I am working on a berry stitch marker.

We all need to be working at learning new skills.

Missy is still startled by high prices, she says be more frugal than ever.

Gus continue to build his skill at catching squiggly cat toys but did say he is building this skill and we all should be actively building skills


  1. I'm with Missy and the high prices! Gadzooks! My husband and I went to the market on Friday morning because he had the day off. We did some close looking at prices for stuff we haven't bought in awhile because we had stocked up. It was a little jarring to the senses! I was planning to restock my butter supply and I just heard this morning that there might be a shortage this holiday season. Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if some industries aren't taking advantage. No other dairy was mentioned, just butter. That makes no sense.

    Anyway, when my mom died, she had a knitted scarf about 75% done. It was for my husband, who walks in the morning. He wanted bright colors so he'd be seen. I tried knitting for about 2 weeks and I lost my patience!! So, I found a simple crochet stitch I could use and managed to get the scarf off the needles without issues!! Now I'm crocheting the rest. It won't win me any ribbons at the state fair, but it'll be completely warm, functional, and bright when I'm done.

    I'm also scrutinizing our electricity usage. Despite using less than last year, the bill is up about 25%. I'm working on lowering it even further.

    You tell Gus that everything helps and tell Missy to go distract herself from sticker shock and take a lesson from Gus!!

    1. I will tell her good job thinking how to finish the scarf. Yes those prices Hurt a lot

  2. I often wonder how reliable the internet will be in the near future. I have lots of skills, supplies and things like cookbooks, etc., but I'm sure I will need a skill that I am clueless about and not know until I need it. I'm hoping we still have the internet and all its valuable resources!

    1. That is why I work so hard on the skills I want to learn I do love to learn I also get books from that free site I mentioned those books all cost money now so I watch that daily and get some patterns printed off while still free we all just do the best we can


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