Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Message

Provident Living: Our first class will be September 10 at 9:30 a.m. at the Shooks. Bring your binders even if you did not get time to work on them. Those who are new, we are making a binder of three months of food storage recipes. Also, if you are new, bring some ideas from what your other wards are doing in the provident living area. We will plan what is going to be offered for classes so if you have something you want email me at

"Our emphasis on this subject is not grounds for crisis thinking or panic. Quite the contrary, personal and family preparedness should be a way of provident living, an orderly approach to using the resources, gifts, and talents the Lord shares with us. So the first step is to teach our people to be self-reliant and independent through proper preparation for daily life."
~ Bishop Victor L. Brown

My daughter, Sarah, pointed this one to us I would definitely like to give it a try.

A reminder again of the homemaking hotline: 1-800-262-3804 (if you have a question on any homemaking item). At this time of the year they are a great resource for canning questions.

A reminder - do not can like Great Aunt Ethel, okay? Things have changed dramatically since then and I want you all to be safe, so use the number above. They are open week days, if you can't reach them call or email me.

If you are planning to dry things in your dehydrator, a few items:

My favorite thing to dry is frozen mixed veggies....yep, look for them on sale. You open the bag and dump on your trays... no prep work. Of course, you can do this with other frozen veggies too.

If I get to the end of my green beans, I will dehydrate as there is not enough to run the canner. To do this, you wash and snap and then blanch and then freeze then take out and dehydrate them. I know it sounds like, why not leave them in the freezer but I usually can not spare the room and honestly, frozen veggies have not much of a life span in the freezer. You can buy them already frozen if you have no garden and then just dump on the trays and dry. They are dry enough when dropped on the counter and they sound like plastic. Yes, I have used them after hydrating and this was the helplines tip that I am sharing about freezing first, it makes them have a much better taste.

I am also reminded by Sister Gardunia that if you have surplus of zucchini, you can slice and dry it for putting in soups later and it is nice to have on hand!

I also love to dry spinach then I break it up and put in a jar and throw it in soups and other things that you would put spinach in... very handy to have.

Also, as you have those grapes that are now starting to be unappealing... not to worry, wash and throw them on a tray and you will make raisins better then you can buy!

Tomatoes at the end of those I also wash slice and lay on the trays to be used in soups and crunched up for breads.

Keep working on your storage! Now that the kids are back to school and you can breath and think again, it is time to get on your provident living goals.

After school snack helps... this is my famous chocolate cake, my girls love it! my cinnamon rolls my favorite choc chip cookies my favorite oatmeal raisin cookies lastly, how to do fruit leather

And for a neat family nite treat, once the apple leather that is plain is done, melt some caramels in the microwave and spread them over the leather and roll up like you would do cinnamon rolls and then slice into bite size pieces - Yum! Easy caramel apples :)

These recipes are made with all storage items, if you do not have the ingredients and like the recipes, store a year supply.

The chocolate cake was always a must when things were hard for us, the kids did not know it because they still had chocolate cake.

Keep working at being frugal and keep working at your storage and building your skills you are doing great!

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