Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Message - Building skills 2

Make your own fruit leather with your dehydrator for a fun and healthy snack! Get the recipe here - LINK
Last week I talked about starting to develop your basic skills. Here's a look at a few more new skills and how you can build on some we talked about before.

Drying food
As produce comes in fast from your garden this summer, drying and canning are great skills to help us build our storage. Here's a few ways you can first start out using your dehydrator.  - Here's a neat way to do a homemade fruit roll-up or what I call fruit leather. Also, using the plain applesauce leather, melt a few caramels, spread in the leather and roll, then cut like tiny cinnamon rolls.

On a cold winter morning it is great to add your dried apples to a steamy hot bowl of oatmeal.

A fun snack is to peel and dice your apple, shake it in flavored gelatin and dry. Yum! Herbs and spinach are great dried. You can store them in a jar and use them in lots of things. Add to soups and casseroles or whatever you like.

Take a look at these sewing links. I really like how she takes you all the way through from the beginning to the very end.

Learn how to knit using regular and circular needles along with the different styles of knitting such as american and continental. - this is a great video to show you how to start knitting. Pick up those needles and give it a try :)

These next three videos show you how to start knitting on circular needles...

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