Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Message - Building skills

Always continue to learn! If you want to learn something go after it, look up anything you can learn on the subject. One of the things I am learning myself to do is tat, I always wanted to know how to do it...
Tatting is a great skill to build. Find out more about how to tat here - LINK as you can see I have learned a little but i continue to push on searching and learning. You may not want to learn to tat you might want to learn to quilt do the same thing check out books look on YouTube you will soon be able to have that goal achieved  so press on learn skills, or develop skills you already have you are doing so for your family and for yourself. - thought I would throw this in as something you could learn in family home evening. You could construct then learn to use it as part of family-preparedness.  this shows how to sew on knit fabric I love the way she explains things.

This next one is different and shows how to do your elastics in different ways

For those who want to put that beginner knitting to work, this is the best practice and very useful items. - I like the size of these over other patterns out there. I too need to get busy on more made. When you are stressed and need some relaxing, this is soothing for sure. Once you use them you will be like me and they will be what you look for first in your dishcloth drawer.

Here is some helpful information and a good skill to try...

I find it costs about the same to make as buy it but I think it is good to know how to make.

This one is on how to make cottage cheese also a good thing to know - this shows how to make cream cheese. You can also take plain yogurt and place it in layers of cheese cloth and hang over your sink overnight.

Put different things in your cream cheese, like shredded carrots or dried cranberries, or chopped onion or dill or finely chopped radishes or green peppers or chives or walnuts. The things you can do are endless!

Spreads for crackers…..
one package 8 oz package of cream cheese and two tbsp dry ranch dressing & mix. This fantastic on crackers!

One 8oz cream cheese and two tbsp of honey and 1/4 cup chopped walnuts great on crackers.

These are a few to get you started!

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