Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Message - Food preservation

My daughter's vacuum sealer and canisters.
I thought it would be good to review vacuum sealers. In this first link, ignore that she is sealing coffee but pay attention to how she does all different type jars -

The following links are also helpful:

In the last link the lady shows using a vacuum cleaner (interesting for sure…)

With yard sale season still in full gear now is the time to be on the lookout for vacuum sealers. I have gotten three over the years from yard sales. Using them saves tons of money, so be sure to save extra jars and their lids - though I do find that I have had no luck with sealing baby food jars.

On the whole, vacuuming sealing extends the life of what you store. Every now and then as you go by check to see if the seal has popped, if it has then just redo it.

Save your used canning lids for vacuum sealing. They cannot be used for canning a second time so don’t throw them away, save them for vacuum sealing in your canning jars. Hopefully this has opened a whole new use for recycling jars!

Powdered milk is a boost in our storage, do you rotate it? Have you ever used it? - this has great ideas and also great recipes if you scroll down the page.

I feel these sites above will answer any questions you may have on powdered milk.

Summer can be a busy time but don't forget how important it is to help one another especially during a time of need -

With tomato season almost here, check out these great ideas -

Keep working on your skills!

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