Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Message

Looking for a tradition to start for the holidays? Try reading "The Candle in the Forest" with the family. 
As this is a very busy time for all I thought I would share this site which is my favorite have used this for years.

As long as I am on this topic, I do not like the huge macaroni that the real helper has in their boxes so here you can go back to the normal ones……  with just having a few ingredients in the house a quick meal can be made. if you purchase dough enhancers here is a mix for one you need something if you use wheat in baking bread.

Kid gift ideas, I am one for thinking a hobby is good or something that promotes creativity

I keep a craft box on hand for the grandkids, Miss M calls it the scissor box

Encourage skills

This looks like so much fun and you have time to collect the things

This could be made into a kit as well, what fun!

We have always been big on puppets and dress up boxes…

Make play dough kits with wooden dowels and cheap cookie cutters homemade play dough is best.

Family gift idea…graham crackers frosting and candy make gingerbread houses then eat them. too cute you can use those unmatched gloves you have leftover.

We always had a puzzle going through the holidays.

You could make a musical instruments kit

you could make an art kit
you could make a spy kit
you could make a favorite book kit with bookmarks and treats
a movie kit

You can see that there is lots of fun to be had coming up with things within your budget.

Don’t forget others. We did a food storage twelve days of Christmas. Be inventive, golden rings were cans of pineapple, doves we did dish soap but now they have dove candy. You could even do one of each as a family. We picked someone who needed it then the fun began on how to do it to fit we had them wondering how it would be but we all had fun. You can do it on the sly, we have done that but this time we didn’t as we visited as well, fun was had by all.

Explain why do we have our traditions? How did they start….
one of ours was to read the candle in the forest. Apparently others do this too as I stumbled across a family reading it for one of their far away kids… they only read part of it on this clip.

Go check it out from the library it is by Temple Bailey. I think everyone should read it before you get stressed with the Christmas demands.

It goes right along with what what this blog is all about, living within our means and being content with what we have and enjoying life.

So read the story, it is not long it might just help you through the season

You could read the whole thing while your family picks out books, it is about a five minute read.

Enjoy being with your family, that is our most precious gift.

Keep working on your storage, perhaps you and your husband can take the money you would spend on each other pool it and get a storage item.


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