Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Message

A spirit of speculation and extravagance will take possession of the Saints [in the last days], and the results will be financial bondage. Persecution comes next and all true Latter-day Saints will be tested to the limit." Heber C. Kimball, Deseret News, May 23, 1931.

I recently taught a class on grinding wheat - it is a good thing to know. Wheat stores much longer than flour. I do store both, rotation is most important with the flour. I find my five gallon buckets at bakeries as they get supplies in them. Sometimes they are free, sometimes they charge a few dollars. I wash them out and dry with a towel then I let them further dry over night. Then I place the lid on and set aside till I get flour or whatever I plan to use it for. And if it's flour or grains, I put two bay leaves in on the flour (or other) then put the lid on and label and date it.

Wheat - once you grind it you must use or freeze it. So I grind it only when I use it.

I use every tool I have to my advantage. In the picture you see an electric wheat grinder but you also see a manual grinder that I can use if I have no power. I also have a bread machine that I only use to mix the dough then I shape and rise and bake in my own pan and bake in my oven. 

Now I can make just as good bread by hand, and could at any time, but I also have a Bosch that I can do up to four loaves. After kneading I let it rise in the bowl but I unscrew the top lid as when I get ready to shape it that lid is four inches higher. The reasons I let it rise in bowl are two... first, it is easier one bowl to wash and second, the heat from the motor helps the bread dough rise even on a cold winter day. Where do you put all the food storage? There are ideas in these clips.

It is easy to get one thing for storage each time you go to the store - make this a habit.

Once your storage is up you can watch for sales... use, replenish and rotate.

If there were a wide spread emergency problem in your area the grocery stores have 24 hrs of supplies. Wouldn’t it be better to have storage in your home than have to go in search of it? I personally cannot rest till my people are all safely in, the mother hen in me I guess. - even if you have not yet got your wheat grinder you can make these wonderful pancakes.

Again do you have a winter kit in your car? What does your gas gauge read? E does not mean eternity in this case! You need to start keeping your tank full. Many times we have seen people stuck on the interstate because something happened in front to block them. Some have had to wait for eight hours. If you were on E you would be very cold. Again if they say "stay off the roads" they mean it! If they say a towing ban that means no.. none.. zilch towing will not happen. It means the tow trucks stay off the roads and you will have to wait for help. Most likely you were not listening to them tell you to stay OFF the roads. If you find yourself waiting for help then you will be glad to have your winter kit in your car, if not you will be wishing you had while you are hungry and cold.

Grinding wheat: this is helpful on wheat

You can make flour out of almonds

You can use rice and oats and coconut... many things so if you cannot eat wheat there are other options.

I took this recipe for oatmeal cookies, did one plate as recipe and one batch, same recipe without the egg but using the gelatin egg replacer.

Keep working on your goal of actively building your storage.

Remember to work on being frugal, live with in your means - you can do it… I know you can!

What could you do if you had no funds??

You could be creative, don’t forget you can start new traditions.

Read the Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. They moved to town as they were warned that it was to be a bad winter. They thought being in town would be better and that they could get supplies but the winter was so bad the trains did not make it through. They got a package of church magazines from a minister friend who had sent a Christmas barrel which did not come due to the trains. They got the magazines just before Christmas so they decided to put them away for Christmas as they could not do gifts for everything was expensive or gone. They got a toy for the youngest but Laura had things she has made and pulls them out for gifts. They had a very poor Christmas but it turned out great. Throughout the book they are served with trials but they come up with things to help the family.

I always read this book starting with the first real snow of the winter. If you keep putting off getting food storage then you need to read it now, it will light a fire under you to get going.

We would read the whole series aloud with our kids. We all loved it.

Here are some pictures to sprout inexpensive gifts….

Keep up the good work I am proud of you all.

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