Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Message

“When we really get into hard times, where food is scarce or there is none at all, and so with clothing and shelter, money may be no good for there may be nothing to buy, and you cannot eat money, you cannot get enough of it together to burn to keep warm, and you cannot wear it.  You can’t eat money, but you can eat your three-month supply of food – IF YOU HAVE IT AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT." - President J. Reuben Clark (Church News, 1953)

Elder Bruce R. McConkie - "I stand before the Church this day and raise the warning voice. It is a prophetic voice, for I shall say only what the apostles and the prophets have spoken concerning our day. ...It is a voice calling upon the Lord's people to prepare for the troubles and desolations which are about to be poured upon the world without measure.

For the moment, we live in a day of peace and prosperity but it shall not ever be thus.

Great trials lie ahead. All of the sorrows and perils of the past are but a foretaste of what is yet to be. And we must prepare ourselves temporally and spiritually." General Conference April 1979.

With winter fast approaching I try to think ahead. What will I need in next few months? Well I know snow and there is no way around it so I put our shovel up on the porch by the door and with that comes ice so having Ice Melt, but what else??

I try to get gifts sent early so no matter the weather that is tended and won’t have to go out on bad roads or fight crowds.

As I write this I am under the weather… so are you set with sick things like several meals in freezer for when you are under the weather?? You know you are what makes things go so have sick plans i.e. Kleenex, CHOCOLATE,... you know the drill.

I always like to reorganize the house, a sort of spring cleaning in the fall. I keep things handy in baskets and such of things I like to do. For example, I have a pair of socks I am knitting, winter days will be a great time to finish those. And working towards those things I am trying to learn. I have the looms ready and the Toyota knitting machine is ready and I reorganized my tatting basket.

Reading with a blanket on a cold winter day is good too.

Keep up your storage. Hopefully you are actively working on your storage. Having storage will make it easier for you to wait for a good day to get groceries!!!

So I am saying get ready. - helpful and is short

How many of you have leftover pumpkins? -

Here are some ideas on being frugal, if you don’t smoke and drink look at the savings, you are already ahead...

Homemade Christmas  just the title sounds great - noodle around, there are great ideas for a homemade Christmas. this has wonderful things to help you with your gift giving, you will thank me later - 114 ideas on how to live on less

Our skills will help to stretch our budget. Bread can go up in price, as long as you have everything in storage to be able to make bread items, which means you need skills and recipes. This goes for other items like cereal. You can do many things and not pay horrid price so long as you have it stored and have skills and recipes.

When one loses their income it is a shock to the whole family. You can quickly get up to speed but it adds to the stress. Wouldn’t it be better to live on less than you make and save? Also learning skills which could help now to save as well as later. I read something today that said you see something you really want to buy instead of buying it, wait thirty days and see how you feel about it. You might feel differently about it.

Truth moment… it does take time to build skills, it does take time to cook from scratch, it does take time to sew that rip but the item will set till you toss it and where is the frugality in that? It does take time and muscle to do storage and rotation but the rewards are great and we are strong, you can do it.

I love hearing what you are doing. Will life be smooth? Absolutely not. Trials and set backs, life changes, they will happen. We need to be able to adapt and make the most of life… love it no matter what comes and if you think you are the only one and are all alone you are not. Everyone has things that go wrong, just pick yourself up and keep going even if all is out of our control, we can make the most of it.

Keep going, find good everywhere and enjoy life!

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